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PROGSEQ-I user's manual: driver for wind turbine design toolsversion 1
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ECN 1995
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ECN-C--94-108 ECN publication
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The driver Progseq is a UNIX program which can be used to execute windturbine design tools, developed at the Unit ECN Renewable Energy, and to deal with the data transfer between the programs. The programs which are included in this version of Progseq are: MATEC-2 (Mechanical Analysis Tool for Elastic Cross sections); SWIFT (Simulation of Wind Fields in Time); PHATAS-2 (Program for Horizontal Axis wind Turbine Analysis and Simulation); PHPOST (PHATAS postprocessor); LIFEHAT-1 (Fatigue Analysis); RAINFLOW and RAINMIX, two programs for rainflow counting of time series and sorting the calculated cycles in matrices respectively. 1 fig., 2 tabs., 7 appendices, 5 refs.

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