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Development of flexible tools for technical and economicassessment studies of clean coal technologies: fourth progress and final report: contract PSO, projectno. 92.113/056588 [ECN-C-- 95-054]
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ECN 1995
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ECN-C--95-054 ECN publication
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Integral ASPEN models of clean coal technologies have been developed,especially for integrated coal gasification combined cycles (IGCC) for power generation plants, based on the different gasification technologies. These integral models are made up of sub-models for the constituting sub-systems (processes) of IGCC power generation plants. Both the sub-models as well as the integral ASPEN models are being validated as far as possible with data gathered from literature and equipment (process) suppliers. By means of the flexible technical and economic tools the feasibility of clean coal power generation technologies in Poland can be assessed on a sound basis. Based on preliminary assessment studies, described in the previous progress reports, both the Shell entrained flow gasification process and the British Gas Lurgi fixed bed slagging gasification process have been identified as efficient and promising processes for the gasification of Polish coal. The project was concluded with an economic assessment which was based on the technical assessment studies for the two conceptual designs. The coal rank used for gasification has severe impact on the specific investment costs (USD/kWe). For better coals specific investment costs are lower and economic feasibility of the overall IGCC plant is better than for low rank coals. For the same coal type, the specific investment costs differ to a lesser extent with the gasification technology used and also to a lesser extent with the gas turbine used. The advantages of particular technology should therefore be defined through a more detailed specific location study, taking in account the supplying conditions proposed within the bidding. The feasibility of an IGCC for power production is not sufficient at the current comparative conditions in Poland. Only at priority conditions for electricity sell, the IGCC power generating plant is a feasible technical option. There are, however, promising prospects for further IGCC plants construction in Poland, based on the locally available coal fuel 5 figs., 12 tabs.

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