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Tip noise measurements performed on the UNIWEX turbine in 1995
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ECN 1995
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ECN-C--95-120 ECN publication
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In the framework of the project 'Investigation of blade tip modificationsfor acoustic and rotor performance improvement' experimental research is performed on the UNIWEX wind turbine in Schnittlingen, Germany. The task of ECN in the coordinated project is the performance and evaluation of the acoustic measurements. This document addresses the acoustic measurements only. Experiments have been performed with different combinations of the blade tip plan forms (reference, shark and ogee), blade tip edges (round and beveled) and trailing edges (sharp and beveled). The experimental blade tips have been mounted on one of the UNIWEX blades and the other blade remained unchanged. Although the contribution of the hydraulic noise to the total noise level is very high, the use of an acoustical parabola made it possible to quantify the differences in the noise production of the various blade tips for frequencies between 800 Hz and 5 kHz. The results of the measurements will be assessed by all members of the project group. The conclusions based upon the results presented in this report will be formulated in the final project report. 6 figs., 1 tab., 5 refs.

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