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Evaluatie van de methaanemissie van de deponie bij Nauerna en Hollandse Brug
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ECN 1997
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ECN-C--97-062 ECN publication
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Methane concentrations in plumes resulting from emissions from wastedeposits near Nauerna, west of Zaanstad, and Hollandse Brug, near Muiden (all in the Netherlands), were measured during two days. The aim of the research was to estimate the total methane emission from these deposits. Measurements were made with a tunable diode laser technique in a van. Totally 8 successful plume measurements were conducted at Nauerna and 7 at Hollandse Brug. The emission was estimated by fitting the cross-section of the plume concentration with an atmospheric transport model. The relative emission distribution over the deposit was estimated from detailed maps. The emission estimated from the 8 plume measurements at Nauerna amounted 62 g CH4 s"-"1. At Hollandse Brug the emission amounted to 11 g CH4s"-"1. 21 figs., 4 tabs., 7 refs., 1 appendix

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