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13th Electric vehicle symposium (EVS-13), 13-16 oktober 1996, Osaka, Japan: een impressie van de ontwikkelingen op het gebied van elektrisch vervoer
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ECN Policy Studies 1997
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ECN-I--97-019 ECN publication
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The title symposium was attended by 1600 participants from 33 countries.There was a total of 185 technical presentations covering 16 different topics, e.g. battery research, standardisation and air quality. The symposium made it very clear that compared to the situation two years ago, we are in a totally different phase of development of electric vehicles (EVs). The situation we are in today is one of realisation of projects and the actual series production of purpose designed EVs. Because of this new phase the need for standardisation has become more obvious. One simple example is the need for a common standard for the plug to connect the charger to the vehicle. The quality and the performance of the vehicles presented was impressive. The automotive industry is definitely taking the development of EVs and hybrid vehicles very serious. One key issue for EVs is the battery technology. Although there is no revolution in the performance of battery systems to be expected, the amount of effort put into the design and research of batteries and the progress achieved is very impressive nonetheless. The development of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium Ion batteries both hold great promise for respectively the mid-term and long-term use in EVs. The presentation of technologies competing with batteries were not great in number for the moment, however the development of fuel cells received a lot of interest as one very promising new technology. The Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) now takes place on an annual basis. EVS-14 will take place on 15-17 december 1997.

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