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Energievisie Nieuw Den Helder Centrum : kansen voor energiebesparing en duurzame energie bij de herstructurering
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ECN Energy in the Built Environment 1-11-2001
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ECN-C--01-108 ECN publication
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Between 2002 and 2005 housing association Woningstichting Den Heldercarries out an extensive restructuring in the quarter Nieuw Den Helder Centrum in cooperation with the municipality of Den Helder. This restructuring encompasses the construction of around 240 houses and the restructuring and renovation of around 1000 apartments and low-rise buildings. The purpose of this energy vision is to examine which measures the housing association can take in this restructuring to limit the environmental effects of the energy consumption in the houses and to decrease the dependence from external energy suppliers. An inventory of the energy consumption in the quarter shows that in the reference situation the energy consumption in the district is 1.750.000 m3 natural gas en 2.500.000 kWh electricity. The accompanying CO2 emission is 4500 ton/year. A reduction in CO2 emission of 50% is feasable through a combination of measures in the new houses, in the existing houses and on the level of the quarter. With these measures the share of renewable energy can be brought to almost 40%. Most of the measures also have other advantages, like better comfort and better appearance of the houses. The housing association can also strengthen its position in the negotiations with the energy companies if it keeps open the possibility to cooperate with various energy companies. Solely measure-dependent subsidies have been taken into account in the determination of the financial feasability of the measures. Supplementary project subsidies can make implementation of the measures more attractive

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