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Energy Security in Ireland: A Statistical Overview
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 1-1-2012
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ECN-B--12-017 Book
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Published in: Energy Security in Ireland: A Statistical Overview - 2011 Report , 59, 62.

Ireland’s import dependency in 2008 was 89% and 88% in 2009. This compares to an EU average of 55% in 2008. In 1994 Ireland’s import dependency was 67% but it increased to 89% by 2001 and has remained at around 90% for the last decade. Increased energy demand, together with the decline of indigenous energy sources, especially in natural gas production at Kinsale since 1995 and decreasing peat production, led to the increase in import dependency.

Notwithstanding this high import dependence, analysis included in this report of Ireland’s Supply/Demand index for 2008 concludes that Ireland has the third best score when compared with the index scores of other EU Member States obtained for 2005. This is because most Irish energy imports are sourced within the EU or OECD countries. The results of the analysis of forecasts to 2020 highlight that Ireland’s energy security is declining and it is expected to continue to do so due to the diminishing supplies of oil and gas in the EU and OECD. ECN contributed Chapter 8 to this book.

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