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Leach testing for pre-selection of waste to be landfilled
Sloot, H.A. van der; Zomeren, A. van; Dijkstra, J.J.; Meeussen, J.C.L.; comans, R.N.J.; Scharff, H.
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Environment & Energy Engineering 26-2-2014
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-B--14-002 Book
Number of pages: Full text:
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Published in: Sustainable landfilling, 307, 318, 978-88-6265-005-2, CISA Publisher, Italy.

In this chapter, geochemical speciation modelling is used to determine important chemical processes that determine the release of contaminants from waste materials in short and long term. Moreover, model calculations are performed to show the sensitivity of the waste mixture to changes in the contaminant availability and binding capacity by changing the amounts of hydrated iron oxide (HFO) and organic matter. In spite of the heterogeneity in waste going to landfill there is a scientific basis for more focused waste selection/acceptance criteria in order to reduce the environmental impact of landfills. The potential pre-selection of waste and the prediction of long term release behaviour of a waste mixture form the basis for the work described in this paper.

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