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Rotating bending fatigue tests on 17.7PH-RH950
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Environment & Energy Engineering 1-1-2003
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ECN-C--03-007 ECN publication
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For the application of 17.7PH-RH950 steel as a replacement for MP35N,the fatigue strength needs to be determined. Currently, MP35N is used for the construction of the Vortex Finder of Twister. In this application, the construction is submitted to a high frequently fatigue load. This means that the fatigue strength at an unlimited number of cycles need to be known. The unlimited number is set at 108 cycles for this investigation. The fatigue strength of 17.7PH-RH950 was determined in a rotating bending beam test. Because of the limited material plate thickness, the sample size was adjusted. For comparison, also a limited number of tests using the same sample geometry, on MP35N were performed. In the rotating beam bending test, fatigue strengths for MP35N were in line with supplied fatigue strengths by the supplier of the material. For 17.7PH-RH950, the fatigue strength for 108 cycles was determined to be 600 MPa. This fatigue strength is comparable to that of MP35N.

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