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Round robin study CCSEM analysis for slagging experiments [ECN-C--94-049]
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ECN 1995
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ECN-C--94-049 ECN publication
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The principal aim of this study is to perform an inter-laboratorycomparison of the Computer Controlled Scanning Electron Microscopy (CCSEM) method for automated analysis of coal minerals. Factors other than instrument quality and settings were to a great deal eliminated by the following approach: the analyses were performed on identical samples by all participants; and the number of particles in each size class was as nearly as possible the same for each analysis run. The coal samples analyzed were Illinois no. 6, Pittsburgh no. 8, and Prince. The analysis data comprise: a listing of the SEM-EDX spectrographic X-ray analysis for about 1000 particles each in the size classes: >10 mum, 3-10 mum and <3 mum., and the volume percentages of the mineral species quartz, kaolinite, pyrite and calcite. Apart from responding to the main objective, the exercise was used to develop a new programme for mineral group classification to replace the black-box Coal Minerals Analysis (CMA) programme. The advantage of the new system over CMA is its flexibility, which permits the introduction of various mineral definitions. In fouling and slagging research, for example, an open classification system can be tuned to ash compositions that are of particular interest. 1 fig., 1 tab., 1 appendix, 10 refs.

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