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A high efficiency electrical conversion system with variablereluctance generator for variable speed wind turbines: Joule supplementary agreement ERBCIPDCP30329: design and comparison of different types of direct driven wind generators
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1995
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-C--95-033 ECN publication
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An overview is presented of the international standard committees, ECdirectives and prescriptions, and of the EC, Dutch and Czech standards concerning the electrical interface from wind turbine to grid. A number of electrical systems is listed together with some relative price indications. From some of the systems the physical laws of the generators used therein are given. Also listed are the most common and practical power electronic converter-generator combinations, together with the machine efficiencies and semiconductor device ratings in some sets. Furthermore, the different design methods are summarised for the (electrically excited and permanent magnet) synchronous machine, the induction machine and the switched reluctance machine. Finally, the 'WindGen' design programme for the design of generators for wind power stations is discussed as well as a methodology to compare different (synchronous machine types and the induction machine) generator concepts of different power and speed. 126 figs., 47 tabs., 4 appendices, 39 refs.

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