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Evaluation of "Heat and Flux" Farm Control. Final Report
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Wind Energy 16-5-2008
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-E--07-105 ECN publication
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ECN holds a patent for the “Heat and Flux” concept. This concept aims at maximizing the power output of a wind farm by adjusting the axial induction of the windward turbines below their individual optimum for power production. This will reduce the velocity deficit in the wake and increase the output of the downwind turbines. Other benefits are decreased average loading of the upwind turbines and decreased fatigue loading of the turbines in the wake. The reported activities aimed at the quantification of the effects of “Heat and Flux” farm control. For this purpose models have been developed for calculating the power and energy production with “Heat and Flux” operation. The models have been developed in close interaction with wind tunnel experiments on model turbines and farms and have been tested in full scale experiments on a row of five 2.5MW turbines. Qualitatively, the wind tunnel tests and the field experiments revealed positive effects of simple “Heat and Flux” control settings on several occasions. Quantitatively, the accuracy and reliability of the wind tunnel measurements are questionable because of the large scatter and the conditions that deviate from full scale in various aspects. The full scale experiments point at comparable optima for “Heat and Flux” control settings as model predictions. However, quantitative predictions of the energy production benefits cannot be compared with measurements yet because of a shortage of suited measurement data for analysis. Therefore, additional measurement effort is needed for reliable quantification of the “Heat and Flux” effect on power performance and energy production.

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