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De mogelijke aanscherping van vijf eisen in het Besluit emissie-eisen middelgrote stookinstallaties
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 21-6-2013
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ECN-E--13-029 ECN publication
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To control local air quality and to prevent greenhouse gas emissions, the Dutch government has established legislation to restrict such emissions from medium-sized stationary gas engines and heating installations, the so-called Bems legislation. These medium-sized stationary engines, turbines, boilers and other installations are mainly in use in the industry, greenhouse horticulture and services sector. When the Bems legislation entered into force, five possible emission limit values (ELVs) were discussed but not implemented at that time, partly due to the limited availability of knowledge at that time within the market about the required technical measures to meet these ELVs. On request of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the current available knowledge on these five ELVs with respect to NOx, dust and methane emissions, has been explored and the results are discussed in this report. To that purpose, technical knowledge, foreign environmental legislation, potential emission reductions and costs have been analyzed. The ELVs discussed here are set at an O2 concentration of 3% in the flue gas according to Bems legislation. The indicated ELVs have no official status and have a recommendatory meaning to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The Ministry decides on implementation and the value of the discussed ELVs.

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