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Solar energy, water and food
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ECN Policy Studies 27-9-2017
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ECN-L--17-023 Presentation
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Presented at: Huis van Europa middag, Den Haag, Nederland, 23 juni 2017.

The supply of energy is closely linked to consumption of water, in particular for (industrial) cooling purposes. In countries where water is scarce (like the Sub-Saharan region in Africa) this can have implications for fresh water supply and water available for agriculture (irrigating water). Moreover, it can lead to increase of overall risks (increased relocation of people). At ECN, we have analyzed the water requirements for a broad range of energy technologies, particularly those relevant for ECN. We have found that Solar energy is a non- regret option for most countries and both Solar PV and CSP are lean water options. As these counties also have abundant solar potential, solar PV and CSP contribute to a sound approach for water and energy and will also have a mitigating impact on the overall risk landscape.

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