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Mogelijkheden voor geïntegreerd stikstofbeleid
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1-5-1999
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ECN-R--99-003 Other
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Nitrogen is a very important and useful element in the environment. Muchof our life would not function optimally without the availability of a certain amount of nitrogen in reactive form. However, every system has its own optimum nitrogen need. In the case that the nitrogen availability exceeds this optimum, a cascade of effects might occur, depending on the time and extent that the optimum is exceeded. There appears to be a big gap between the targets and the current nitrogen levels in the Netherlands. It seems to be impossible with current measures to reach the targets, which are set to prevent the occurrence of negative effects to drinking water, human health and nature. The tuning between the different measures is insufficient. The discovery of the gap in ammonia emissions and the hypotheses for the reasons of this gap show that measures can be counterproductive. Furthermore, they show that an integrated analysis of the disturbance of the whole nitrogen cycle is needed. In order to develop an integrated nitrogen policy, it is necessary to decrease the pool and limit the production of nitrogen in reactive form. 18 refs.

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