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Hydrogen conversion in substitute natural gas by biomass hydrogasification
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1-6-1999
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-RX--99-016 Article (scientific)
Number of pages:

Published in: Contribution to the 4th International Conference on New Energy Systems & Conversions (NESC '99), 27-30 June 1999, Osaka, Japan (), , , Vol., p.-.

Production of Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) by biomass hydrogasificationhas been assessed, as a process for chemical storage of hydrogen. Thermodynamic analysis has shown the feasibility of this process. The produced SNG has a Wobbe-index, and a calorific value comparable to the quality of the standard Dutch natural gas. With a hydrogen content below 10 mol%, the produced SNG can be transported through the existing natural gas net without any adjustments. In the long term, hydrogen from water electrolysis will become available for the energy market, and can be used within this process. In the short term, the hydrogen required for the process may be obtained from hydrogen-rich gases available as by-product from industrial processes. Results of thermodynamic analysis of the process, its application and demonstration potentials in The Netherlands, and plans for future development are presented. 20 refs.

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