Publications of unit Environment & Energy Engineering in 2013.
Schuring, E.W.; Luzginova, N.V.; Kolluri, M.;
Friction Stir Welding (FSW) of 9% Cr steel (P91)
ECN-L--13-074 EN november 2013; 24 pag.
Presented at: NIL BIL lassymposium , Antwerpen, België, 27 november 2013.
Zomeren, A. van; Dijkstra, J.J.; Mesman, M.; Spijker, J.; Eikelboom, R.;
Use of test results from the percolation leaching test (TS3) in the framework of the Construction Products Directive
ECN-O--13-050 EN november 2013; 9 pag.
Dijkstra, J.J.; Zomeren, A. van;
Considerations on the discrimination of “solubility” versus “diffusion” control in renewal time schedules of the tank test (TS2)
ECN-E--13-043 EN november 2013; 30 pag.
Hensen, A.; Weijers, E.P.; Rodink, R.;
Sensors used to estimate particulate matter emissions
ECN-L--13-033 NL november 2013; 69 pag.
Presented at: NEN / 8e Infodag: Regelgeving & Normalisatie Luchtemissies 2013 / Vernieuwing & verandering, Utrecht, Nederland, 4 juni 2013.
Dijkstra, J.J.; Zomeren, A. van; Susset, B.;
Technical principles underlying limit values for release of substances for the percolation test TS3: comparison DE and NL
ECN-E--13-059 EN november 2013; 37 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure 14Credits A novel method to measure green energy
ECN-F--13-040 EN oktober 2013; 4 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Dust Monitoring System
ECN-F--13-038 EN oktober 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure AirBox
ECN-F--13-039 EN oktober 2013; 2 pag.
Pintsuk, G.; Blagoeva, D.; Opschoor, J.;
Thermal shock behavior of tungsten based alloys manufactured
ECN-W--13-047 EN oktober 2013; 5 pag.
Published in: Journal of Nuclear Materials (Elsevier), 2013, Ed.442, p.S282-S286.
Kolluri, M.; Bakker, T.; Nolles, H.; Pierick, P. ten; Luzginova, N.V.; Schuring, E.W.; Martin, J.;
Study of Microstructure and Mechanical properties of Friction Stir Welded P91 Steel for Nuclear Applications
ECN-M--13-033 EN oktober 2013; 1 pag.
Dijkstra, J.J.; Zomeren, A. van; comans, R.N.J.; Brand, E.; Claessens, J.W.;
Calculating site-specific emission criteria for sustainable landfills: The Dutch approach
ECN-M--13-034 EN oktober 2013; 16 pag.
Hjelmar, O.; Sloot, H.A. van der; Zomeren, A. van;
Hazard property classification of high temperature waste materials
ECN-M--13-036 EN oktober 2013; 12 pag.
Egmond, B.F. van;
Productie van chemicaliën, biotransportbrandstoffen en materialen uit biomassa
ECN-L--13-069 NL oktober 2013; 7 pag.
Presented at: LabAnalyse 2013, Rotterdam, Nederland, 1 oktober 2013.
Staelens, J.; Frijns, E.; Berghmans, P.; Kos, G.P.A.; Matheeussen, C.; Panteliadis, P.; Bergmans, B.; Weijers, E.P.; Wyche, K.; Roekens, E.;
Ultrafine particles at eight urban sites in Antwerp: instrument comparison and spatiotemporal variation in particle number concentration and size distribution
ECN-O--13-012 EN september 2013; 1 pag.
Broquet, G.; Chevallier, F.; Bréon, F.-M.; Kadygrov, N.; Alemanno, M.; Apadula, F.; Hammer, S.; Haszpra, L.; Meinhardt, F.; Morguí, J.A.; Necki, J.; Piacentino, S.; Ramonet, M.; Schmidt, M.; Thompson, R.; Vermeulen, A.T.; Yver, C.; Ciais, P.;
Regional inversion of CO2 ecosystem fluxes from atmospheric measurements: reliability of the uncertainty estimates
ECN-W--13-045 EN september 2013; 18 pag.
Published in: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions (Copernicus Publications), 2013, Ed.13, p.9039-9056.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Mechanical Engineering
ECN-F--13-034 NL augustus 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Software Engineering
ECN-F--13-035 NL augustus 2013; 2 pag.
Hensen, A.; Skiba, U.; Famulari, D.;
Low cost and state of the art methods to measure nitrous oxide emissions
ECN-W--13-023 EN augustus 2013; 12 pag.
Published in: Environmental Research Letters (IOP Publishing), 2013, Ed.8, p.-.
Vermeulen, A.T.;
Functionele omschrijving PreSRM v.1.3
ECN-E--13-039 NL augustus 2013; 26 pag.
Vermeulen, A.T.;
Benchmark testen van ISL2 v6.00
ECN-E--13-038 NL augustus 2013; 24 pag.
Sutton, M.A.; Reis, S.; Riddick, S.N.; Dragosits, U.; Nemitz, E.; Theobald, M.R.; Tang, Y.S.; Braban, C.F.; Vieno, M.; Dore, A.J.; Mitchell, R.F.; Wanless, S.; Daunt, F.; Fowler, D.; Blackall, T.D.; Milford, C.; Flechard, C.R.; Loubet, B.; Massad, R.; Cellier, P.; Coheur, P.F.; Clarisse, L.; Damme, M. van; Ngadi, Y.; Clerbaux, C.; Ambelas Skjoth, C.; Geels, C.; Hertel, O.; Wichink Kruit, R.J.; Pinder, R.W.; Bash, J.O.; Walker, J.D.; Simpson, D.; Horvath, L.; Misselbrook, T.H.; Bleeker, A.; Dentener, F.; Vries, W. de;
Towards a climate-dependent paradigm of ammonia emission and deposition
ECN-W--13-014 EN augustus 2013; 13 pag.
Published in: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (Royal Society Publishing), 2013, Ed.doi: 10.1098/rstb.2013.0166 Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 5 July 2013 vol. 368 no. 1621 20130166 , p.-.
Erisman, J.W.; Galloway, J.N.; Seitzinger, S.; Bleeker, A.; Dise, N.B.; Petrescu, R.; Leach, A.M.; Vries, W. de;
Consequences of human modification of the global nitrogen cycle
ECN-W--13-015 EN augustus 2013; 9 pag.
Published in: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (Royal Society Publishing), 2013, Ed.doi: 10.1098/rstb.2013.0116 Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 5 July 2013 vol. 368 no. 1621 20130116 , p.-.
Galloway, J.N.; Leach, A.M.; Bleeker, A.; Erisman, J.W.;
A chronology of human understanding of the nitrogen cycle
ECN-W--13-016 EN augustus 2013; 1 pag.
Published in: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (Royal Society Publishing), 2013, Ed.doi: 10.1098/rstb.2013.0120 Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 5 July 2013 vol. 368 no. 1621 20130120 , p.-.
Sutton, M.A.; Howard, C.M.; Bleeker, A.; Datta, A.;
The global nutrient challenge: From science to public engagement
ECN-W--13-007 EN augustus 2013; 6 pag.
Published in: Environmental Development (Elsevier), 2013, Ed., p. -.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Verbindingstechniek
ECN-F--13-025 NL augustus 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Schadeonderzoek
ECN-F--13-003 NL juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Corrosieonderzoek
ECN-F--13-004 NL juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Materiaalkunde en karakterisering
ECN-F--13-005 NL juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Fabricagetechnologie
ECN-F--13-006 NL juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure AirBox
ECN-F--13-007 NL juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Stof Monitoring Systeem
ECN-F--13-008 NL juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Failure analysis
ECN-F--13-009 EN juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Corrosion analysis
ECN-F--13-010 EN juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Materials analysis and Characterisation
ECN-F--13-011 EN juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Joining technique
ECN-F--13-012 EN juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Manufacturing technology
ECN-F--13-013 EN juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Equipment list
ECN-F--13-014 EN juli 2013; 14 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Laser technology
ECN-F--13-015 EN juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Laser systems
ECN-F--13-016 EN juli 2013; 15 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Metal Injection Moulding (MIM)
ECN-F--13-017 EN juli 2013; 2 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Production
ECN-F--13-018 EN juli 2013; 1 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Production_2
ECN-F--13-019 EN juli 2013; 1 pag.
Saurwalt, J.J.;
Brochure Technology
ECN-F--13-020 EN juli 2013; 1 pag.
Hooijmans, J.W.; Klymko, T.;
KBBPPS - Overview of current relevant sampling and biogenic carbon standards on global level
ECN-E--13-035 EN juni 2013; 66 pag.
Dusek, U.; Brink, H.M. ten; Meijer, H.A.J.; Kos, G.P.A.; Mrozek, D; Röckmann, T.; Holzinger, R.; Weijers, E.P.;
The contribution of fossil sources to the organic aerosol in the Netherlands
ECN-W--13-024 EN juni 2013; 11 pag.
Published in: Atmospheric Environment (Elsevier), August 2013, Ed.74, p.169-176.
Pieterse, G.; Krol, M.C.; Batenburg, A.M.; Brenninkmeijer, C.A.M.; Popa, M.E.; O'Doherty, S.; Grant, A.; Steele, L.P.; Krummel, P.B.; Langenfelds, R.L.; Wang, H.J.; Vermeulen, A.T.; Schmidt, M.; Yver, C. ; Jordan, A.; Engel, A.; Fisher, R.E.; Lowry, D; Nisbet, E.G.; Reimann, S; Vollmer, M.K.; Steinbacher, M.; Hammer, S.; Forster, G.; Sturges, W.T.; Röckmann, C.;
Reassessing the variability in atmospheric H2 using the two-way nested TM5 model
ECN-W--13-025 EN juni 2013; 19 pag.
Published in: Journal of Geophysical Research (AGU), 2013, Ed.Volume 118, p.1-17.
Orza, J.A.G.; Cabello Ganuza, M.; Galiano, V.; Vermeulen, A.T.; Stein, A.F.;
The Association Between the North Atlantic Oscillation and the Interannual Variability of the Tropospheric Transport Pathways in Western Europe
ECN-B--13-005 EN juni 2013; 17 pag.
Published in: Langranian Modeling of the Atmospheric, 127, 141, Geophysical Monograph Series 200.
Hammer, S.; Konrad, G.; Vermeulen, A.T.; Laurent, O.; Delmotte, M.; Jordan, A.; Hazan, L.; Conil, S.; Levin, I.;
Feasibility study of using a “travelling” CO2 and CH4 instrument to validate continuous in situ measurement stations
ECN-W--13-021 EN juni 2013; 16 pag.
Published in: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (Copernicus GmbH ), 2013, Ed.6, p.1201-1216.
Bakker, F.P.;
EDGaR New Gas Sensor project
ECN-M--13-010 EN juni 2013; 3 pag.
Geusebroek, M.;
14Credits: A novel method to measure your Green Energy
ECN-M--13-007 EN juni 2013; 1 pag.
Schuring, E.W.; Hooijmans, J.W.;
Electrochemical characterisation speeds up prediction of corrosion behaviour
ECN-L--13-034 EN juni 2013; 28 pag.
Presented at: Materials 2013, Veldhoven, Nederland, 4 juni 2013.
Staelens, J.; Frijns, E.; Berghmans, P.; Matheeussen, C.; Panteliadis, P.; Kos, G.P.A.; Weijers, E.P.; Wyche, K.; Bergmans, B.; Roekens, E.;
Comparison of UFP concentration and size distribution instruments at an urban site
ECN-O--13-011 EN mei 2013; 1 pag.
Berghmans, P.; Frijns, E.; Staelens, J.; Matheeussen, C.; Roekens, E.; Panteliadis, P.; Kos, G.P.A.; Weijers, E.P.; Monks, P.; Wyche, K.; Bergmans, B.;
Short-term urban and residential monitoring of UFP concentration and size distribution
ECN-O--13-013 EN mei 2013; 1 pag.
Bosman, J.;
Polymers en lasertechnologie
ECN-L--13-019 NL mei 2013; 43 pag.
Presented at: Technologiekring / Lasgroep Noord / Kring materialen bewerken met laser, Emmen, Nederland, 11 april 2013.
Otjes, R.P.;
ROSA - Stap naar sneller meten oxidatief potentieel fijn stof
ECN-V--13-008 NL april 2013; 2 pag.
Published in: Nieuwsbrief Luchtverontreiniging & Gezondheid (RIVM), 2013, Ed.April 2013, p.7-7.
Weijers, E.P.; Schaap, M.;
Anthropogenic and Natural Constituents in PM10 at urban and rural sites in North-Western Europe: Concentrations, Chemical composition and Sources
ECN-B--13-003 EN april 2013; 21 pag.
Published in: The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, Hoofdstuk 207, DOI 10.1007/698_2012_207.
Weijers, E.P.; Otjes, R.P.; Hoek, G.; Lochem, M. van; Sterren, S. van der; Weijtmans, E.;
AiREAS, een innovatief meetsysteem in Eindhoven
ECN-V--13-004 NL april 2013; 4 pag.
Published in: Tijdschrift Lucht (Sdu), 2013, Ed.nummer 2 / april 2013, p.18-21.
Sutton, M.A.; Bleeker, A.;
The shape of nitrogen to come
ECN-W--13-006 EN maart 2013; 2 pag.
Published in: Nature Geoscience (), 2013, Ed.doi:10.1038/nature11954, p.-.
Sutton, M.A.; Bleeker, A.; Howard, C.M.; Bekunda, M.; Grizzetti, B.; Vries, W. de; Grinsven, H.J.M. van; Abrol, Y.P.; Adhya, T.K.; Billen, G.; Davidson, E.A.; Datta, A.; Diaz, R.; Erisman, J.W.; Liu, X.J.; Oenema, O.; Palm, C.; Raghuram, N.; Reis, S.; Scholz, R.W.; Sims, T.; Westhoek, H.; Zhang, F.S.;
Our Nutrient World - The challenge to produce more food and energy with less pollution
ECN-O--13-010 EN maart 2013; 116 pag.
Weijers, E.P.; Rocca, S.; Verheggen, B.;
Carbonaceous aerosol: where is it coming from?
ECN-E--13-001 EN maart 2013; 45 pag.
Dierdorp, E.; Otjes, R.P.; Wit, B.; Wolff, C.;
Sensorkastjes houden luchtkwaliteit Eindhoven realtime in de gaten
ECN-V--13-005 NL maart 2013; 3 pag.
Published in: Bits & Chips (Techwatch BV), 2013, Ed., p.-.
Weijers, E.P.; Rodink, R.; Hensen, A.;
Meten aan verwaaiend stof bij kolenoverslag in het Amsterdams havengebied
ECN-E--12-059 NL februari 2013; 43 pag.
Rocca, S.; Zomeren, A. van; Costa, G.; Dijkstra, J.J.; comans, R.N.J.; Lombardi, F.;
Mechanisms contributing to the thermal analysis of waste incineration bottom ash and quantification of different carbon species
ECN-W--13-003 EN februari 2013; 8 pag.
Published in: Waste Management (Elsevier), 2013, Ed.33, p.373-381.
Keuken, M. P.; Moerman, M.; Voogt, M.; Blom, M.J.; Weijers, E.P.; Röckmann, C.; Dusek, U.;
Source contributions to PM2.5 and PM10 at an urban background and a street location
ECN-W--13-004 EN februari 2013; 9 pag.
Published in: Atmospheric Environment (Elsevier), 2013, Ed.71, p.26-35.
Bleeker, A.; Hensen, A.; Rougoor, C.;
Eindrapportage ontwikkeling regionaal stikstofplafond
ECN-E--13-007 NL februari 2013; 102 pag.
Fuente-Cuesta, A.; Lopez-Anton, M.A.; Diaz-Somoano, M.; Zomeren, A. van; Cieplik, M.K.;
Leaching of major and trace elements from paper-plastic gasification chars: An experimental and modelling study
ECN-W--13-001 EN februari 2013; 7 pag.
Published in: Journal of Hazardous Materials (), 2013, Ed.244-245, p.70-76.