Publications of type Presentation in 2012.
Joode, J. de;
European gas market developments in different energy transition scenarios
ECN-L--12-084 EN december 2012; 23 pag.
Presented at: EDC, ‘Gas Quality and Energy Transition’, Groningen, Nederland, 23 november 2011.
Weijers, E.P.;
Example of applications of sensors for urban air quality in the Netherlands - EUNetAit - COST Action TD 1105
ECN-L--12-071 EN december 2012; 13 pag.
Presented at: WGs and MC Meeting, Rome, Italië, 4-6 december 2012.
Weijers, E.P.; Hueglin, C.;
An Update Covering Current State and Emerging Themes - AirMonTech
ECN-L--12-072 EN december 2012; 23 pag.
Presented at: AAMG-RSC Conference, London, UK, 12-13 december 2012.
Hal, J.W. van; Reith, J.H.; Lenstra, W.J.;
Perspectieven van zeewierteelt en gebruik als grondstof voor de industrie
ECN-L--12-074 NL december 2012; 46 pag.
Presented at: IIR BioBased Business Cases, WTC, Rotterdam, Nederland, 18 december 2012.
Sijm, J.P.M.;
Investing EU ETS auction revenues into energy savings - the interaction between the ETS and EE Directives
ECN-L--12-087 EN december 2012; 31 pag.
Presented at: Colloquium at UFZ, Leipzig, Germany, 11 December 2012.
Kiel, J.H.A.;
Torrefaction to improve biomass logistics (and end-use)
ECN-L--12-082 EN december 2012; 30 pag.
Presented at: Mini symposium Biomass developments in ports, TU Delft, the Netherlands, December 4th, 2012.
Cameron, L.R.; Würtenberger, L.;
Assessing and communicating development impacts
ECN-L--12-070 EN december 2012; 10 pag.
Presented at: UNFCCC COP18, Doha, Qatar, 3 December 2012.
Meijden, C.M. van der;
Biomass Gasification: Safety, emissions and residues
ECN-L--12-064 EN november 2012; 22 pag.
Presented at: Gasification 2012, London, United Kingdom, 21 & 22 November 2012.
Walspurger, S.;
Balancing Power grid and Gas grid
ECN-L--12-065 EN november 2012; 26 pag.
Presented at: Young Energy Delta Convention 2012, Groningen, The Netherlands, 20th of November 2012.
Lenstra, W.J.;
Perspectives of seaweed cultivation and seaweed biorefinery
ECN-L--12-059 EN november 2012; 30 pag.
Presented at: The opening of the Aquatic Biomass Center, Groningen, The Netherlands, 15 May 2012.
Grisel, R.J.H.; Waal, J.C. van der; Jong, E. de; Huijgen, W.J.J.;
Acid catalysed alcoholysis of lignocellulose: Towards second generation furan-derivatives
ECN-L--12-076 EN november 2012; 19 pag.
Presented at: COST Action CM0903 (UBIOCHEM) 3rd Workshop, Thessaloniki, Greece, 1-3 November, 2012.
Reith, J.H.; Hal, J.W. van; Lenstra, W.J.;
Large-scale carbon recycling via cultivation and biorefinery of seaweeds for production of biobased chemicals and fuels
ECN-L--12-054 EN oktober 2012; 30 pag.
Presented at: Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Chemistry and Polymers, Essen, Germany, October 10th-11th 2012.
Reith, J.H.; Hal, J.W. van; Lenstra, W.J.; López Contreras, A.M.;
Perspectives of open ocean seaweed cultivation and seaweed biorefinery for large-scale production of biobased fuels and chemicals
ECN-L--12-055 EN oktober 2012; 30 pag.
Presented at: World Biofuels Markets, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 13-15 March 2012.
Janssen, A.H.H.;
TGA Thermogravimetric analysis for torrefaction
ECN-L--12-085 EN oktober 2012; 13 pag.
Presented at: WP8 - 1st technical meeting, Vienna, Austria , October 25th, 2012.
Linden, R. van der; Huijgen, W.J.J.; Reith, J.H.;
Ethanol-based Organosolv Biorefineries: Feedstock-Flexibility & Economic Evaluation
ECN-L--12-061 EN oktober 2012; 22 pag.
Presented at: 4th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC 2012), Helsinki, Finland, October 23-25, 2012.
Hal, J.W. van; Florentinus, A.; Lenstra, W.J.; Reith, J.H.;
Seaweeds on the high sea: Seaweed farming in and seaweed biorefinery around the North-Sea
ECN-L--12-050 EN oktober 2012; 27 pag.
Presented at: Algae Biomass Summit , Denver, United States, September 24 - 27, 2012.
Hal, J.W. van;
Seaweed Biorefinery in the Netherlands
ECN-L--12-051 EN oktober 2012; 43 pag.
Presented at: International Sea(Weed) Farming Commodities Conference, Neeltje Jans, Zeeland, The Netherlands , 18-19 September 2012.
Kiel, J.H.A.;
ECN-L--12-081 EN september 2012; 22 pag.
Presented at: 12. Holzenergie-Symposium, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, September 14th, 2012.
Boon, J.;
Sorption-Enhanced Water-Gas Shift (SEWGS): Reactor model development and validation
ECN-L--12-060 EN september 2012; 19 pag.
Presented at: 22nd International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE 22), Maastricht , The Netherlands, September 2-5, 2012.
Vente, J.F.;
HybSi® membranes: materials, processes, outlook
ECN-L--12-048 EN augustus 2012; 44 pag.
Presented at: 14th Nordic Filtration Symposium, Aalborg, Denmark, August 30 - 31 2012.
Carbo, M.C.;
Policy and Technology Challenges for Bio-CCS
ECN-L--12-041 EN juli 2012; 18 pag.
Presented at: EU Sustainable Energy Week, Brussel, Belgie, 19 juni 2012.
Carbo, M.C.; Kalivodova, J.; Cieplik, M.K.; Drift, A. van der; Zwart, R.W.R.; Kiel, J.H.A.;
Entrained Flow gasification of coal/torrefied woody biomass blends
ECN-L--12-042 EN juli 2012; 23 pag.
Presented at: 5th International Freiberg Conference on IGCL & XtL Technologies, Leipzig, Duitsland, 21 mei 2012.
Hal, J.W. van;
Seaweed Biorefinery: towards third generation biobased fuels and chemicals
ECN-L--12-044 EN juli 2012; 34 pag.
Presented at: European Algae Biomass Conference, London, United Kingdom, 25-26 april 2012.
Grootjes, A.J.;
Solid Phase Adsorption (SPA) method for tar and sulphur compounds
ECN-L--12-043 EN juli 2012; 21 pag.
Presented at: 20th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, Milaan, Italie, 21 juni 2012.
Tilburg, X. van; Würtenberger, L.;
Current NAMA developments and Kenya case study
ECN-L--12-037 EN juli 2012; 17 pag.
Presented at: , , .
Saric, M.; Delft, Y.C. van; Salladini, A.; Iaquaniello, G.;
Successful testing of Pd membranes at a 20 Nm3/h hydrogen production site
ECN-L--12-083 EN juli 2012; 19 pag.
Presented at: ICIM 2012, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, 9-13 July 2012.
Welle, A.J. van der;
Flow-based market coupling: Stepping stone towards nodal pricing?
ECN-L--12-033 EN juli 2012; 20 pag.
Presented at: BAEE-CIGRE policy workshop “Flow-based market coupling: calculation, allocation and economic consequences”, The Hague, Dutch competition authority, Netherlands, April 26, 2012.
Kiel, J.H.A.; Zwart, R.W.R.; Verhoeff, F.;
Status of ECN torrefaction technology
ECN-L--12-026 EN juni 2012; 26 pag.
Presented at: International Workshop on Biomass Torrefaction for Energy, Albi , France, May 10-11, 2012.
Kiel, J.H.A.; Zwart, R.W.R.; Witt, J.; Thrän, D.; Wojcik, M.; English, M.;
SECTOR Production of solid sustainable energy carriers from biomass by means of torrefaction
ECN-L--12-027 EN juni 2012; 24 pag.
Presented at: International Workshop on Biomass Torrefaction for Energy, Albi , France, May 10-11, 2012.
Dijkstra, S.J.G.;
The impact of Electric Vehicles on European Energy Networks
ECN-L--12-029 EN juni 2012; 33 pag.
Presented at: Grid Capacity and Stability Conference, London, United Kingdom, 21 June 2012.
Rösler, H.;
When and How to Decarbonize the Transport Sector?
ECN-L--12-030 EN juni 2012; 20 pag.
Presented at: International Energy Workshop , Cape Town, South Africa, 21 June 2012.
Kober, T.;
The role of CCS under different climate targets in Europe
ECN-L--12-031 EN juni 2012; 17 pag.
Presented at: International Energy Workshop, Cape Town , South Africa, 20 June 2012.
Cameron, L.R.;
Seanergy 2020 final workshop - Project recommendations
ECN-L--12-045 EN juni 2012; 10 pag.
Presented at: Sustainable Energy Week, Brussels, Belgium, 20 June 2012.
Kiel, J.H.A.; Zwart, R.W.R.; Verhoeff, F.;
Torrefaction by ECN
ECN-L--12-080 EN juni 2012; 30 pag.
Presented at: SECTOR/IEA Bioenergy Torrefaction Workshop 20th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Milan, Italy, June 21st, 2012.
Drift, A. van der;
ECN-L--12-021 EN juni 2012; 25 pag.
Presented at: IEA Clean Coal Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 27 March 2012.
Dijkstra, S.J.G.;
Will the proposed Energy Efficiency Directive drive a new CHP boom in Europe?
ECN-L--12-028 EN juni 2012; 29 pag.
Presented at: PowerGen Europe 2012, Köln, Germany, 12 June 2012.
Vreugdenhil, B.J.;
Co-firing low cost fuels using indirect gasification
ECN-L--12-024 EN juni 2012; 14 pag.
Presented at: Clearwater Clean Coal Conference, Clearwater, USA, 3-7 June 2012.
Kiel, J.H.A.;
ECN Biomass combustion related R&D
ECN-L--12-078 EN juni 2012; 15 pag.
Presented at: EERA Bioenergy Workshop on Stationary Bioenergy , ENEA office, Brussels, Belgium, June 7th, 2012.
Zwart, R.W.R.; Kiel, J.H.A.; Witt, J.; Thrän, D.; Wojcik, M.; English, M.;
SECTOR Production of solid sustainable energy carriers from biomass by means of torrefaction
ECN-L--12-020 EN mei 2012; 21 pag.
Presented at: 5th International Freiberg Conference on IGCC & XtL Technologies, Leipzig, Germany, 21-24 May 2012.
Lensink, S.M.;
SDE+ 2013. Conceptadvies basisbedragen
ECN-L--12-019 NL mei 2012; 17 pag.
Presented at: Consultatiebijeenkomst SDE+ , Ministerie EL&I, Den Haag, Nederland, 7 mei 2012.
Ehinger, A.; Brink, R.W. van den; Persoglia, S.;
EERA joint programme on CO2 Capture and Storage: Recent advances and the road ahead
ECN-L--12-017 EN mei 2012; 28 pag.
Presented at: 2nd European Energy Conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 17 - 20 April 2012.
Zwart, R.W.R.;
Pre-treatment of Biomass to Improve Logistics and End-use
ECN-L--12-016 EN mei 2012; 21 pag.
Presented at: BIT's 2nd Annual World Congress on Bioenergy, Xi'an, China, 26-28 April 2012.
Brunsting, S.;
Social Site Characterisation of Potential CCS Sites in Poland and the UK
ECN-L--12-015 EN april 2012; 13 pag.
Presented at: IEAGHG 3rd Social Research Network Meeting, Noosa Heads, , Australia, April 12, 2012.
Drift, A. van der;
TAR DEW POINT … and the great extrapolation show…
ECN-L--12-086 EN april 2012; 24 pag.
Presented at: IEA-Bioenergy meeting Task 33 (Biomass gasification), workshop on Bed Materials, Istanbul, Turkey, 18 April 2012.
Daza Montano, C.M.; Pels, J.R.; Fryda, L.E.; Zwart, R.W.R.;
Evaluation of torrefied bamboo for sustainable bioenergy production
ECN-L--12-011 EN april 2012; 41 pag.
Presented at: 9th World Bamboo Congress (WBC), Antwerp / Merksplas, Belgium, 10-15 April 2012.
Vente, J.F.;
New directions for the HybSi® membrane concept and process options for the fabrication of acetal
ECN-L--12-010 EN april 2012; 24 pag.
Presented at: Workshop Inorganic Membrane Technology - Advanced Production & Design, Montpellier, France, 27-28 March 2012.
Welle, A.J. van der;
Proposed EU policy for selection of network investments: suggestions for improvements
ECN-L--12-008 EN april 2012; 11 pag.
Presented at: CEPS-ECN workshop "Optimising electricity transmission in Europe: Technological , Brussels, Belgium, March 20, 2012.
Welle, A.J. van der;
Selection procedures of projects of common interest at regional and European level
ECN-L--12-009 EN april 2012; 9 pag.
Presented at: European Parliament workshop (ITRE parliamentary committee) on “Building a European energy infrastructure - selecting and implementing projects of common interest”, Brussels, Belgium, March 21, 2012.
Sijm, J.P.M.;
Key design elements of new market mechanisms (NMMs): merits and shortcomings of options available
ECN-L--12-006 EN april 2012; 32 pag.
Presented at: EU expert workshop on NMMS, Danish Energy Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark, February 9, 2012.
Stralen, J. van; Uslu, A.;
The role biomass can play in 2020 & 2030 - Deviations and consistency with NREAPs
ECN-L--12-005 EN april 2012; 40 pag.
Presented at: Final workshop Biomass Futures at the European Parlement, Brussels, Belgium, March 20 , 2012.
Verhoeff, F.; Kiel, J.H.A.; Zwart, R.W.R.;
ECNs moving bed torrefaction technology in light of desired product qualities
ECN-L--12-079 EN maart 2012; 27 pag.
Presented at: Torrefaction of Biomass Workshop, University of Leeds, , 28 March 2012.
Schoots, K.;
Requirements for the SETIS tools and models
ECN-L--12-032 EN maart 2012; 17 pag.
Presented at: ATEsT final Workshop, Brussel, Belgium, 26 March 2012.
Uslu, A.; Stralen, J. van;
Bioenergy markets: the policy demand for heat, electricity and biofuels, and sustainable biomass supply
ECN-L--12-004 EN maart 2012; 28 pag.
Presented at: European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, March 20, 2012.
Zwart, R.W.R.;
ECN-L--12-077 EN maart 2012; 22 pag.
Presented at: BioPower Generation, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 13/14 March 2012.
Lako, P.;
Hydro energy
ECN-L--12-003 NL maart 2012; 34 pag.
Presented at: Workshop H2O for Energy, RUW Wageningen Universiteit, Wageningen, Nederland, 21 februari 2012.
Lako, P.; Straathof, D.H.L.;
Geothermal energy in the SDE+ in 2012
ECN-L--12-002 EN maart 2012; 6 pag.
Presented at: Geothermal Workshop GEOELEC, Utrecht, Netherlands, 24/01/2012.
Weeda, M.;
Hydrogen: missing link for a sustainable energy system
ECN-L--12-013 EN maart 2012; 22 pag.
Presented at: Energy Storage 2012 , Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 29 February - 1 March 2012.
Pol, M.;
Percepties en attitudes van autobezitters ten aanzien van innovatieve auto’s
ECN-L--12-001 NL februari 2012; 23 pag.
Presented at: Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu, Den Haag, Nederland, 31 januari 2012.
Weeda, M.;
Latest Hydrogen Achievements and Trends in the Netherlands
ECN-L--12-012 EN februari 2012; 30 pag.
Presented at: International Hydrogen Energy Development Forum 2012 , Fukuoka, Japan, 1 February 2012.
Wetzels, W.;
Sustainable energy innovation
ECN-L--11-130 EN januari 2012; 20 pag.
Presented at: Nederlandse Carrièredagen, Amsterdam, Nederland, 26 november 2011.
Otjes, R.P.; Kos, G.P.A.; Blom, M.J.; Bulk, W.C.M. van den; Weijers, E.P.;
Measuring Secondary Inorganic Aerosols (SIA) in BOP: past, present and future
ECN-L--11-129 NL januari 2012; 29 pag.
Presented at: BOPII dag: voortgang van het Beleidsgericht Onderzoeksprogramma Fijn Stof in Ned, Bilthoven, Nederland, 1 december 2011.