Publications of type Conference Paper in 1992.
Smokers, R.T.M.; Hilten, O. van;
Elektrische auto's in het perspectief van milieu- en energieproblematiek
ECN-RX--92-073 NL december 1992; 41 pag.
Presented at: Brochure Novem, The Netherlands, 1-2 december 1992.
Okken, P.A.; Lako, P.; Gerbers, D.; Kram, T.; Ybema, J.R.;
CO2 removal in competition with other options for reducing CO2 emissions
ECN-RX--92-025 EN 1992; 16 pag.
Presented at: First international conference on carbon dioxide removal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 4-6 maart 1992.