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Publications from author Helmholdt, R.B. 
Roosmalen, J.A.M. van; Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Helmholdt, R.B.; Zandbergen, H.W.;
The defect chemistry of LaMnO3 : Part 2. LaMnO3 ; Structural aspects
ECN-RX--92-046 EN 1992; 14 pag.
Baczmanski, A.; Wierzbanowski, K.; Haije, W.G.; Helmholdt, R.B.; Ekambaranathan, G.; Pathiraj, B.;
Diffraction elastic constants for textured materials : Different methods of calculation
ECN-RX--92-006 EN 1992; 32 pag.
Baczmanski, A.; Wierbanowski, K.; Jura, J.; Haije, W.G.; Helmholdt, R.B.; Maniawski, F.;
Calculation of the rotation rate field on the basis of experimental texture data
ECN-RX--91-101 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Helmholdt, R.B.; Brand, P.C.; Dijk, C. van; Pathiraj, B.;
Stress measurements with neutron diffraction at Petten. : Published in Proceedings of the joint meeting of German, French and Dutch residual ; stress groups, Enschede, 19-21 March 1991.
ECN-RX--91-045 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Verweij, H.; Bruggink, W.H.M.; Steeman, R.A.; Frikkee, E.; Helmholdt, R.B.;
Oxidation enthalpy of YBa2Cu3O6 in relation with phase behaviour and stoichiometry.
ECN-I--90-005 EN 1990; 0 pag.