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Publications from author Veen, W.H. van 't
Kroon, P.S.; Hensen, A.; Jonker, H.; Veen, W.H. van 't; Vermeulen, A.T.; Ouwersloot, H.G.; Bosveld, F.C.;
Uncertainty in CH4 and N2O emission estimates from a managed fen meadow using EC measurements
ECN-L--09-016 EN februari 2009; 16 pag.
Presented at: NitroEurope meeting, Gothenburg, Sweden, January 26-29th, 2009.
Veen, W.H. van 't; Beckers, G.J.J.;
Eindrapportage van het IOP-project "Vormgeving Calciumfosfaat Implantaten".
ECN-C--92-028 NL 1992; 62 pag.