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Publications from author Haverkate, B.R.W. 
Haverkate, B.R.W.; Heek, A.I. van; Kikstra, J.F.;
An HTR cogeneration system for industrial applications
ECN-RX--99-001 EN 1999; 12 pag.
Published in: Contribution to the IAEA Technical Committee Meeting (TCM) on Safety Related Design and Economic Aspects of High Temperature Gas (), , Ed., p.-.
Haverkate, B.R.W.;
High temperature gas cooled reactor applications and future prospects: proceedings of an IAEA Technical Committee Meeting held in Petten, the Netherlands, 10-12 November 1997
ECN-R--98-004 EN september 1998; 246 pag.
Haverkate, B.R.W.;
High temperature engineering research facilities and experiments: proceedings of an OECD/NEA workshop held in Petten, the Netherlands, 12-14 November, 1997 [ECN-R--98-005 ; NEA/NSC/DOC(98)4]
ECN-R--98-005 EN september 1998; 214 pag.
Haverkate, B.R.W.; Heek, A.I. van; Jehee, J.N.T.;
Nuclear cogeneration based on HTR technology
ECN-RX--98-007 EN 1998; 15 pag.
Published in: Contribution to the 6th International conference on nuclear engineering (ICONE-6), 10-15 May 1998, San Diego, United States of A (), , Ed., p.-.
Laan, J.G. van der; Bakker, K.; Fokkens, J.H.; Haverkate, B.R.W.; Sciolla, C.M.; Conrad, R.;
In-pile testing of HCPB submodules: feasibility study for the European Blanket Project: final report
ECN-I--98-013 EN 1998; 43 pag.
Kevenaar, J.W.A.M.; Haverkate, B.R.W.;
Verification of ISAAC
ECN-C--95-028 EN 1995; 102 pag.
Braam, H.; Haverkate, B.R.W.;
Creep analyses of a pressurized thick-walled cylinder using continuum damage mechanics
ECN-I--93-020 NL 1993; 33 pag.
Braam, H.; Haverkate, B.R.W.;
Continuum damage mechanics and the finite element method = ECN-I--92-009
ECN-I--92-009 EN 1992; 48 pag.
Braam, H.; Haverkate, B.R.W.;
FAME-D, a finite element code based on continuum damage mechanics
ECN-RX--92-072 EN 1992; 8 pag.
Braam, H.; Haverkate, B.R.W.;
The CARES program applied to ball-on-ring tests.
ECN-I--91-015 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Haverkate, B.R.W.;
Fortran-programma COREFRAC ter bepaling core fracture bij het draadtrekproces.
ECN-I--90-025 NL 1990; 0 pag.
Haverkate, B.R.W.;
FORTRAN-programma SINKING voor het verjongen van dunwandige buis.
ECN-I--90-020 NL 1990; 0 pag.