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Publications from author Osch, E.V. van
Rensman, J.W.; Broek, F.P. van den; Jong, M.; Osch, E.V. van;
10 DPA 600 K fracture toughness of 316L(N) ERHII plate material: ITER Task T214, NET deliverables GB5 ECN-4 and GB6 ECN-4
ECN-C--98-032 EN 1998; 23 pag.
Rensman, J.W.; Broek, F.P. van den; Jong, M.; Osch, E.V. van;
Fracture toughness of neutron irradiated solid and powder HIP 316L(N): ITER Task T214, NET deliverable GB6 ECN-5
ECN-C--98-033 EN 1998; 35 pag.
Rensman, J.W.; Tjoa, G.L.; Boskeljon, J.; Hoepen, J. van; Osch, E.V. van;
Low cycle fatigue properties of neutron irradiated solid-HIP 316L(N): ITER task T214, NET deliverable GB6 ECN-5
ECN-C--98-034 EN 1998; 26 pag.
Osch, E.V. van; Tjoa, G.L.; Boskeljon, J.; Hoepen, J. van;
Tensile properties of neutron irradiated solid-HIP 316(N): ITER Task T214, NET deliverable GB6 ECN-5
ECN-C--98-035 EN 1998; 22 pag.
Schuring, E.W.; D'Hulst, D.S.; Osch, E.V. van;
Laser welding of irradiated 316L(N) ERHII 1MM plate: NET task deliverable PSM1 GB6 ECN-1
ECN-C--98-043 EN 1998; 36 pag.
Schuring, E.W.; D'Hulst, D.S.; Osch, E.V. van;
TIG rewelding facility in ECN Hot Cell Laboratory: installation, first experiments and optimisations NET deliverable PSM1 GB5 ECN-2 en GB6 ECN-1
ECN-C--98-044 EN 1998; 32 pag.
Osch, E.V. van; Horsten, M.G.; Vries, M.I. de;
Irradiation testing of 316L(N)-IG austenitic stainless steel for ITER
ECN-RX--98-002 EN 1998; 24 pag.
Published in: Paper submitted to ICFRM-8, 26-31 October 1997, Sendai, Japan (), , Ed., p.-.
Rensman, J.W.; Broek, F.P. van den; Bruyne, H.J. de; Osch, E.V. van; Vries, M.I. de;
Irradiation testing of stainless steel plate material and weldments: report on ITER task T14, part C: fracture toughness up to 5 dpa at 350 and 525 K
ECN-C--97-089 EN 1997; 54 pag.
Osch, E.V. van; Horsten, M.G.; Vries, M.I. de;
Fracture toughness PWR internals: ECN contribution to CEC contracts on PWR internals-part 2, (ETNU/CT/94/0136-F)
ECN-I--97-010 EN 1997; 69 pag.
Schaaf, B. van der; Osch, E.V. van;
Development of low activation vanadium alloys: final report for period1992 - 1994
ECN-C--96-027 EN 1996; 49 pag.
Osch, E.V. van; OECD. International Energy Agency [IEA], ;
Proceedings [of the] 2nd Workshop on vanadium alloy development for fusion :IEA Vanadium Working Group, 20-22 May, 1996, ECN Petten, The Netherlands
ECN-R--96-012 EN 1996; 590 pag.
Laan, J.G. van der; Osch, E.V. van;
Response of plasma facing materials to disruption-like heat loads: 1994 report on ITER T60 Subtask 3 (NET Task PPM3.1) [ECN-C--95- 070]
ECN-C--95-070 EN 1995; 51 pag.
Laan, J.G. van der; Schnedecker, G.; Osch, E.V. van; Duwe, R.; Linke, J.;
Plasma sprayed boron carbide coatings for first wall protection
ECN-RX--93-120 EN 1993; 18 pag.
Osch, E.V. van; Febvre, M.; Laan, J.G. van der; Vastra, I.; Viallet, H.;
First disruption heat flux simulations with the FE200 facility at Le Creusot, France = ECN-I--92-049
ECN-I--92-049 EN 1992; 26 pag.