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Publications from author Stobbe, E.R. 
Oosterkamp, P.F. van den; Kraaij, G.J.; Laag, P.C. van der; Stobbe, E.R.; Wouters, D.A.J.;
The development of fuel cell systems for mobile applications
ECN-M--06-087 EN september 2006; 9 pag.
Wild, P.J. de; Nyqvist, R.G.; Bruijn, F.A. de; Stobbe, E.R.;
Removal of sulphur-containing odorants from fuel gases for fuel cell-based combined heat and power applications
ECN-RX--06-026 EN februari 2006; 12 pag.
Published in: Journal of Power Sources (Elsevier), , Ed., p.-.
Stobbe, E.R.;
Hydrogen production for fuel cells
ECN-RX--05-082 EN maart 2005; 24 pag.
Boon, J.; Berkel, F.P.F. van; Stobbe, E.R.;
Reforming of methane over Ceria and Perovskite-based Catalysts
ECN-RX--05-050 EN 2005; 10 pag.
Bruijn, F.A. de; Stobbe, E.R.; Wakker, A.;
Catalysis in low temperature fuel cell systems
ECN-RX--05-069 EN juni 2004; 20 pag.