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Publications from author Bole, T. 
Linden, N.H. van der; Wijnker, M.; Kamphuis, E.; Tri Winarno, O.; Smekens, K.E.L.; Bole, T.; Saidi, M.A.R.; Permana, I.;
CASINDO Programme Summary Report
ECN-B--13-008 EN juli 2013; 124 pag.
Dalla Longa, F.; Bole, T.;
Cost-efficient and sustainable deployment of renewable energy sources towards the 20% target
ECN-O--11-081 EN januari 2012; 76 pag.
Pelkmans, L.; Kessels, K.; Bole, T.;
Induced market disturbances related to biofuels
ECN-O--10-020 EN juli 2010; 73 pag.
Uslu, A.; Bole, T.; Londo, H.M.; Pelkmans, L.; Berndes, G.; Prieler, S.; Fischer, G; Cueste Cabal, H.;
Reconciling biofuels, sustainability and commodities demand
ECN-O--10-017 EN juni 2010; 38 pag.
Bauen, A.; Berndes, G.; Junginger, M.; Londo, H.M.; Vuille, F.; Ball, R.; Bole, T.; Chudziak, C.; Faaij, A; Mozaffarian, M.;
Bioenergy - A Sustainable and Reliable Energy Source
ECN-B--10-011 EN juni 2010; 108 pag.
Published in: Main report Bioenergy – a Sustainable and Reliable Energy Source, 1, 108, IEA Bioenergy.
Bole, T.; Londo, H.M.;
The role of policy in mitigating risks of second generation biofuel projects
ECN-M--10-063 EN mei 2010; 6 pag.
Presented at: 18th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Lyon, France, 3-7 mei 2010.
Bole, T.; Londo, H.M.; Stralen, J. van; Uslu, A.;
Overcoming the initial investment hurdle for advanced biofuels: An analysis of biofuel-related risks and their impact on project financing
ECN-O--10-019 EN april 2010; 62 pag.
Bole, T.; Londo, H.M.;
Improving the investment climate for second generation biofuels
ECN-M--09-139 EN oktober 2009; 8 pag.
Presented at: 17th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, Hamburg, Germany, 29 juni 2009-3 juli 2009.
Elzen, M.G.J. den; Mendoza Beltran, M.A.; Vliet, J. van; Bakker, S.J.A.; Bole, T.;
Pledges and Actions. A scenario analysis of mitigation costs and carbon market impacts for developed and developing countries
ECN-O--09-034 EN oktober 2009; 123 pag.
Bole, T.; Saidi, M.A.R.; Bakker, S.J.A.;
Balancing the carbon market- Carbon market impacts of developing country emission reduction targets
ECN-B--09-006 EN augustus 2009; 62 pag.
Bole, T.;
Balancing the carbon market - Overview of carbon prices estimates
ECN-B--09-007 EN augustus 2009; 54 pag.
Pelkmans, L.; Kessels, K.; Bole, T.;
Induced market disturbances related to biofuels
ECN-O--09-035 EN juli 2009; 73 pag.
Bole, T.; Londo, H.M.;
The changing dynamics between biofuels and commodity markets
ECN-M--08-052 EN juni 2008; 5 pag.
Presented at: 16th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, Valencia, Spain, 2-6 juni 2008.
Bakker, S.J.A.; Arvanitakis, A.G.; Bole, T.; Brug, E. van de; Doets , C.E.M.; Gilbert , A.;
Carbon credit supply potential beyond 2012. A bottom-up assessment of mitigation options.
ECN-E--07-090 EN november 2007; 108 pag.