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Publications from author Mikunda, T. 
Cameron, L.R.; Mikunda, T.; Bhasin, S.; Linden, N.H. van der;
Trends and opportunities in multilateral climate funds
ECN-E--14-031 EN juli 2014; 47 pag.
Halstead, M.I.; Mikunda, T.; Cameron, L.R.;
Policy Brief - Indonesian Feed-in Tariffs: challenges & options
ECN-O--14-012 EN juni 2014; 8 pag.
Mikunda, T.; Halstead, M.I.;
Prioritising mitigation and adaptation options as part of the development of a National Climate Change Action Plan in Kenya
ECN-O--14-025 EN juni 2014; 9 pag.
Cameron, L.R.; Bhasin, S.; Blanco, G.; Bristow, S.; Byrne, R; Coninck, de, H.C.; Fang, Z; Gallagher, K.S; Ionita, R; Mikunda, T.; Sagar, A; Wuertenberger, L;
Climate technology in context: Synthesis Report on Climate Technology and Development
ECN-O--14-015 EN juni 2014; 44 pag.
Mikunda, T.; Kober, T.; Coninck, H.C. de; Bazilian, M.; Rösler, H.; Zwaan, B.C.C. van der;
Designing policy for deployment of CCS in industry
ECN-W--14-045 EN april 2014; 12 pag.
Published in: Climate Policy (), 2014, Ed.14, 05, p.665-667.
Bolscher, H.; Laan, J. van der; Sijm, J.P.M.; Bakker, S.J.A.; Mikunda, T.; Wehnert, T.; Sterk, W.; Hoogzaad, J.; Wemaere, Matthieu; Conway, T.J.;
Design Options for Sectoral Carbon Market Mechanisms and their Implications for the EU ETS – Final Report
ECN-O--13-030 EN 2013; 118 pag.
Neele, F.P.; Mikunda, T.; Seebregts, A.J.; Santen, S.; Burgt, A. van der; Stiff, S.; Hustad, C.;
A roadmap towards a European CO2 transport infrastructure
ECN-M--12-084 EN december 2012; 9 pag.
Bolscher, H.; Laan, J. van der; Sijm, J.P.M.; Bakker, S.J.A.; Mikunda, T.; Wehnert, T.; Sterk, W.; Hoogzaad, J.; Wemaere, Matthieu; Conway, T.J.;
Design options for sectoral carbon market mechanisms and their implications for the EU ETS - Annexes
ECN-O--12-045 EN augustus 2012; 180 pag.
Coninck, H.C. de; Mikunda, T.;
Could CO2 capture and storage happen in developing countries? A study beyond the obvious
ECN-O--12-011 EN augustus 2012; 36 pag.
Dijkstra, J.W.; Mikunda, T.; Coninck, H.C. de; Jansen, D.; Sambeek, E. van; Porter, R.; Jin, H.; Gao, L.; Li, S.;
Supporting early Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage development in non-power industrial sectors, Shaanxi Province, China
ECN-O--12-014 EN juli 2012; 171 pag.
Dijkstra, J.W.; Mikunda, T.; Coninck, H.C. de; Jansen, D.; Jin, H.; Gao, L.; Li, S.; Sambeek, E.J.W. van; Porter, R.;
Opportunities for early Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage develoment in China
ECN-O--12-015 EN juli 2012; 13 pag.
Neele, F.P.; Seebregts, A.J.; Mikunda, T.; Santen, S.; Burgt, A. van der; Nestaas, O.; Apeland, S.; Stiff, S.; Hustad, C.;
Developing a European CO2 transport infrastructure
ECN-E--11-073 EN januari 2012; 65 pag.
Austell, M.; Burgt, A. van der; Neele, F.P.; Tetteroo, M.; Ros, M.; Mikunda, T.; Meindertsma, W.; Santen, S.; Seebregts, A.J.;
Development of large scale CCS in The North Sea via Rotterdam as CO2-hub
ECN-E--11-074 EN januari 2012; 102 pag.
Dril, A.W.N. van; Saidi, M.A.R.; Tilburg, X. van; Eaton, D.; Coninck, H.C. de; Cameron, L.R.; Mikunda, T.; Sijm, J.P.M.; Würtenberger, L.;
UNEP Green Economy Report: Renewable Energy
ECN-O--11-079 EN november 2011; 44 pag.
Mikunda, T.; Bakker, S.J.A.;
Potential Market Impacts of CCS on the CDM
ECN-B--11-026 EN november 2011; 6 pag.
Mikunda, T.; Deurzen, J. van; Seebregts, A.J.; Kerssemakers, K.; Tetteroo, M.; Buit, L.;
Towards a CO2 infrastructure in North-Western Europe: Legalities, costs and organizational aspects
ECN-W--11-048 EN oktober 2011; 8 pag.
Published in: Energy Procedia (Elsevier), 2010, Ed., p.-.
Mikunda, T.; Coninck, H.C. de;
CO2ReMoVe D4.1.4B: Possible impacts of captured CO2 stream impurities on transport infrastructure and geological storage formations. Current understanding and implications for EU legislation
ECN-O--11-040 EN juni 2011; 28 pag.
Bakker, S.J.A.; Mikunda, T.; Rivera Tinoco, R.A.;
Potential impacts of CCS on the CDM
ECN-O--11-033 EN april 2011; 35 pag.
Coninck, H.C. de; Mikunda, T.; Schreck, B.; Gielen, D.; Zakkour, P.; Barker, D.; Brown, J.; Birat, J.P.; Carbo, M.C.;
Carbon capture and storage in industrial applications: Technology synthesis report
ECN-O--10-043 EN december 2010; 83 pag.
Mikunda, T.; Feenstra, C.F.J.;
Effective communication strategies to engage the public and stakeholders around CCS projects: a review of country experiences
ECN-O--10-039 EN december 2010; 13 pag.
Ashworth, P.; Bradbury, J.; Feenstra, C.F.J.; Greenberg, S.; Hund, G.; Mikunda, T.; Wade, S.;
Communication, project planning and management for carbon capture and storage projects: An international comparison
ECN-O--10-034 EN oktober 2010; 221 pag.
Feenstra, C.F.J.; Mikunda, T.; Brunsting, S.;
What happened in Barendrecht?! Case study on the planned onshore carbon dioxide storage in Barendrecht, the Netherlands
ECN-E--10-057 EN oktober 2010; 44 pag.
Coninck, H.C. de; Mikunda, T.; Cuamba, B.; Schultz, R.; Zhou, P.P.;
CCS in Southern Africa. An assessment of the rationale, possibilities and capacity needs to enable CO2 capture and storage in Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia
ECN-E--10-065 EN juli 2010; 54 pag.