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Publications from author Marina, A.J. 
Marina, A.J.; Smeding, S.F.; Zondag, H.A.; Wemmers, A.K.;
A Bottom-Up Approach for Determining the European Heat Pump Potential
ECN-M--17-021 EN november 2017; 14 pag.
Engels, W.P.; Marina, A.J.; Kanev, S.K.; Hoek, D.C. van der;
Condition based control
ECN-E--17-047 EN oktober 2017; 55 pag.
Marina, A.J.; Asgarpour, M.;
Application of LiDARs in Annual Energy Production Assessment of Wind Turbines
ECN-E--16-049 NL september 2016; 37 pag.
Bulder, B.H.; Bot, E.T.G.; Marina, A.J.;
Scoping analysis of the potential yield of the Hollandse Kust (zuid) wind farm sites and the influence on the existing wind farms in the proximity
ECN-E--16-021 EN september 2016; 42 pag.
Katsouris, G.; Marina, A.J.;
Cost Modelling of Floating Wind Farms
ECN-E--15-078 EN januari 2016; 33 pag.