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Publications from author Donker, M.N. van den
Roosmalen, J.A.M. van; Slooff, L.H.; Okel, L.A.G.; Donker, M.N. van den; Vries, T. de; Minderhoud, T.; Wang,  Ningzhu; Gijzen, G.; Sepers, T.; Rietbergen, M.; Polinder, L.; Heller, E.M.B.; Versluis, A.; Frumau, F.;
Brick modules for improved aesthetics in PV Introducing the Dutch Solar Design project
ECN-M--17-019 EN oktober 2017; 10 pag.
Presented at: Advanced Building Skins Conference, Bern, Switzerland, 2-3 oktober 2017.
Sinapis, K.; Donker, M.N. van den; Folkerts, W.;
PV on Landfills - a Dutch case study using flexible PV modules
ECN-M--17-028 EN september 2017; 4 pag.
Presented at: EUPVSEC, Amsterdam, 25-29 september 2017.
Sinapis, K.; Tzikas, C; Donker, M.N. van den; Folkerts, W.; Sark, W.G.J.H.M. van; Smets, A.;
Yield modelling for micro inverter, power optimizer and string inverter under clear and partially shaded conditions
ECN-M--15-006 EN september 2015; 5 pag.
Sinapis, K.; Papageorgiou, G.; Durose, K.; Donker, M.N. van den; Folkerts, W.;
Outdoor degradation of CdTe modules at open circuit and at maximum
ECN-M--15-032 EN juni 2015; 5 pag.
Verberne, G.; Bonomo, P.; Frontini, F.; Donker, M.N. van den; Chatzipanagi, A.; Sinapis, K.; Folkerts, W.;
BIPV products for facades and roof: a market analysis
ECN-M--14-073 EN september 2014; 7 pag.
Sark, W.G.J.H.M. van; Bosselaar, L.; Gerissen, P.; Esmeijer, K.; Moraitis, P.; Donker, M.N. van den; Emsbroek, M.;
Update of the Dutch PV specific yield for determination of PV contribution to renewable energy production: 25% more energy!
ECN-M--14-074 EN september 2014; 3 pag.
Donker, M.N. van den; Hauck, B.; Valckenborg, R.; Sinapis, K.; Litjens, G.; Folkerts, W.; Borro, R.; Passlack, W.;
High throughput roof renovation using prefabbed and prewired watertight PV insulation elements
ECN-M--14-076 EN september 2014; 4 pag.
Sinapis, K.; Litjens, G.; Donker, M.N. van den; Folkerts, W.;
Outdoor characterization of three PV architectures under clear and shaded conditions
ECN-M--14-078 EN september 2014; 6 pag.