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Inverters with three phase output and without electrolyte capacitor for improved lifetime, efficiency and costs of grid connected systems
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ECN Solar Energy 1997
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ECN-RX--97-042 Article (scientific)
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Published in: Paper, presented at the 14th European photovoltaic solar energy conference and exhibition, 30 June - 4 July, 1997, Barcelona, Sp (), , , Vol., p.-.

Introducing grid connected PV systems, the difference between one-phaseand three-phase power delivery is explained, highlighting the issue of buffering storage in one-phase PV inverters. This paper presents and explains burst operation mode as a way to improve performance of grid-connected one-phase PV inverters without need of major additional investments. At low power, intermittent inverter operation at optimum power for a small fraction of time is preferred over continuous operation at low power, thus saving the difference between operating and standby power consumption for major parts of the operating time, and raising part-load efficiency up to optimum values. 6 figs., 1 tab., 4 refs.

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