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Publications from author Donker, H. 
Savenije, T.J.; Quist, P.A.C.; Donker, H.; Siebbeles, L.D.A.; Slooff, L.H.; Kroon, J.M.;
Formation and decay of charge barriers in hybrid MDMO-PPV:ZnO bulk heterojunctions produced from a ZnO precursor
ECN-RX--05-114 EN april 2005; 20 pag.
Presented at: MRS Conference, San Francisco, USA, 28 maart 2005-1 april 2005.
Soppe, W.J.; Devilee, C.; Biebericher, A.C.W.; Smit, C.; Swaaij, R.A.C.M.M. van; Houston, I.; Sanden, M.C.M. van de; Gordijn, A.; Rath, J.K.; Schropp, R.E.I.; Donker, H.; Goossens, A.;
Final Report MissionN & Miracle : Micro Crystalline Silicon in the Netherlands
ECN-C--04-009 EN 2004; 100 pag.
Soppe, W.J.; Biebericher, A.C.W.; Devilee, C.; Donker, H.; Schlemm, H.;
High rate growth of micro-crystalline silicon by microwave-PECVD
ECN-RX--03-020 EN mei 2003; 4 pag.
Presented at: 3rd World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, Osaka, Japan, 11-18 mei 2003.
Soppe, W.J.; Devilee, C.; Schiermeier, S.E.A.; Biebericher, A.C.W.; Donker, H.; Rath, J.K.;
Microwave PECVD of micro-crystalline silicon
ECN-RX--02-019 EN mei 2002; 4 pag.
Presented at: 29th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, New Orleans, USA, 20-24 mei 2002.
Soppe, W.J.; Devilee, C.; Schiermeier, S.E.A.; Donker, H.; Rath, J.K.;
Microwave PECVD of Micro-Crystalline Silicon
ECN-RX--02-011 EN april 2002; 6 pag.
Presented at: 2002 MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 1-5 april 2002.
Garcia Celma, A.; Donker, H.; Soppe, W.J.; Miralles, L.;
Development and anneal of radiation damage in salt : end report August 1988-August 1993
ECN-C--93-086 EN 1993; 78 pag.
Garcia Celma, A.; Donker, H.;
Stored energy in irradiated salt samples : Progress report June 1990-December 1991.
ECN-C--92-055 EN 1992; 126 pag.