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Publications from author Hagg, F. 
Bulder, B.H.; Barhorst, S.A.M.; Schepers, J.G.; Hagg, F.;
Theory and user manual BLADOPT
ECN-C--01-011 EN september 2001; 91 pag.
Kooijman, H.J.T.; Noord, M. de; Volkers, C.H.; Machielse, L.A.H.; Eecen, P.J.; Pierik, J.T.G.; Herman, S.A.; Hagg, F.;
Cost and potential of offshore wind energy on the Dutch part of the North Sea
ECN-RX--01-063 EN september 2001; 4 pag.
Presented at: European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2-6 juli 2001.
Bulder, B.H.; Hagg, F.; Bussel, G.J.W. van; Zaaijer, M.B.;
DOWEC concept study. Task 12: cost comparison of the selected concepts
ECN-C--01-080 EN augustus 2001; 34 pag.
Dekker, J.W.M.; Groot, C.M. de; Hagg, F.; Joosse, P.A.; Kuik, G.A.M. van; Heerkes, H.J.;
Test results for FLEXTEETER : a flexible rotor with fast passive pitch control
ECN-RX--93-031 EN 1993; 7 pag.