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Unsteady aerodynamic data: an analysis of available datasets [ECN-C--95-058]
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ECN 1996
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ECN-C--95-058 ECN publication
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Eight sets with data from wind turbine rotor aerodynamics experimentswere available at the start of the DS3D project, including aerodynamic quantities under steady, unsteady, two-dimensional and three-dimensional conditions. The datasets were analysed in terms of contents and application. The contents descriptions address the quantities, the conditions and the facility. Also the features and the availability are described. The application descriptions deal with the work performed by ECN on five different models or methods. It was found that most datasets reveal the effects of rotation (stall delay), provided the data is properly averaged. On the other hand, scatter in the data obscures the effects of unsteadiness (dynamic stall), in particular for field data. Consequently, most of the data could be applied to stall delay models, whereas dynamic stall models required selecting test cases with a small amount of scatter. 1 tab., 28 refs.

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