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Publications from author Montgomerie Jensen, B.O.G. 
Montgomerie Jensen, B.O.G.; Brand, A.J.; Bosschers, J.; Rooij, R.P.J.O.M. van;
Three-dimensional effects in stall
ECN-C--96-079 EN 1997; 42 pag.
Brand, A.J.; Montgomerie Jensen, B.O.G.;
Unsteady aerodynamic data: an analysis of available datasets [ECN-C--95-058]
ECN-C--95-058 EN 1996; 26 pag.
Montgomerie Jensen, B.O.G.;
Dynamic stall model called "Simple"
ECN-C--95-060 EN 1996; 48 pag.
Montgomerie Jensen, B.O.G.;
Drag coefficient distribution on a wing at 90 degrees to the wind [ECN-C--95-061]
ECN-C--95-061 EN 1996; 38 pag.
Montgomerie Jensen, B.O.G.;
A simple parametric cost estimate method for horizontal axis wind turbines
ECN-C--96-031 EN 1996; 45 pag.