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Stafafdeling ARBO, ;
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GMS measurement of B1 liner deformation = ECN-I--92-043
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Load prediction and fatigue evaluation of the WPS-30 wind turbine in the Sexbierum wind farm
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Low NOx ceramic foam burner for domestic and industrial utilisation
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Luchtscheidingstechnieken : Een inventarisatie van technieken om "zuivere" zuurstof te produceren voor de verbranding van poederkool in een CO2(g); /O2(g)-atmosfeer = ECN-I--92-025
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Mathematical modelling of two-phase flows
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Microscopische karakterisering van TIG-depositie en -las = ECN-I--92-045
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Mineral matter behaviour in low-NOx combustion : A Laboratory Study
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Mineral transformations in air-staged combustion of pulverized coal : Part 2: a laboratory study on the effect of the staged air
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Minimizing the integrated collective radiation dose and the transmutation of long-lived nuclear waste
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Modelling mode switching in dynamic systems
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Modifications of the EFF-2 9Be evaluation
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Multi-step direct reactions
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Multi-step reactions: the classical picture ; The quantum background of classical multi-step models ; Multi-step reactions as dynamical systems
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National energy policy and climate change prevention : The role of new energy technologies
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Neutrografie in de luchtvaarttechniek = ECN-I--92-007
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Neutron capture cross sections and gamma-ray strength functions
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Nucleaire energie
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Versteegh, A.M.;
Nuclear energy
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Een object-georienteerd systeem voor kwalitatieve analyse van fysische systemen
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On the calculation of the fuel temperature coefficient of reactivity for a critical configuration
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De opmars van silicium zonnecellen = ECN-P--92-001
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PHAMISS : Quick reference manual = ECN-I--92-010
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Potential applications of neural networks to verification and validation of complex systems
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Quantummechanical multi-step direct models for nuclear data applications
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Radioactive decontamination
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Real-time sensor failure detection by dynamic modelling of a PWR plant
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Reflective strategic control of multiple problem solving methods
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The release of fission products from degraded UO2 fuel: Thermochemical Aspects
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Revision of JEF-2 evaluations for the long-lived fission products 129I and 99Tc
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Salt pressure derived from GMS-B1 measurements = ECN-I--92-044
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The second diode in the characteristics of semi-crystalline silicon solar cells
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Selection of anemometer for measurement of wind turbulence = ECN-I--92-029
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Selection of hidden layer nodes in neural networks by statistical tests
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Semi-classical and quantum-mechanical pre-equilibrium neutron emission
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The sensitivity of murine hemopoietic stem cell populations for 1 MeV fission neutrons
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A shortcoming of NITAWL/BONAMI, causing problems in KENO calculations = ECN-I--92-015
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The standard enthalpies of formation of CdI2(s) and Cs2CdI4(s)
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The standard enthalpies of formation of Cs2MnO4, Cs2Si4O9 and Cs3PO4
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Statistical methodology for selection of hidden layer nodes in neural networks
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Status of radiation damage dosimetry for fusion materials testing in reactors
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Status of SOFC component development at ECN
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Status of statistical model capture calculations
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Structural analyses of ITER Toroidal Field Coils under Fault Conditions
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Survey on frequency responses of pressure tubes installed in a 12.5 meter rotor blade
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SWIFT program for three-dimensional wind simulation : part 1: Model description and program verification
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Test of Brink's hypothesis by a method of two-step cascades
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Transmutation of long-lived nuclear waste
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Variable causality in bond graphs caused by discrete effects
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Veiligheid en ongevalsmanagement kerncentrales
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Verbranding van poederkool in een CO2(g)/O2(g)-atmosfeer = ECN-I--92-047
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Verification of new modelling in HFR-TEDDI : DOT-3.5 calculation of a 450/1000 HFR fuel element in 27 energy groups = ECN-I--92-002
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Verification of wind turbine design codes with the 'Dutch handbook wind data for wind turbine design' = ECN-I--92-048
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