Publications of type Conference Paper in 2011.
Aken, B.B. van; Heijna, M.; Loffler, J.; Soppe, W.J.;
Dynamically deposited thin-film silicon solar cells on imprinted foil
ECN-M--11-058 EN december 2011; 6 pag.
Eecen, P.J.;
Joint Programme on Wind Energy. Workshop SP Aerodynamics
ECN-M--11-106 EN december 2011; 368 pag.
Pieterman, R.P. van de; Braam, H.; Obdam, T.S.; Rademakers, L.W.M.M.; Zee, T.J.J. van der;
Optimisation of maintenance strategies for offshore wind farms. A case study performed with the OMCE-Calculator
ECN-M--11-103 EN december 2011; 12 pag.
Späth, M.; Veldman, D.; Dekker, N.J.J.; Bennett, I.J.; Eerenstein, W.; Jong, P.C. de; Ribeyron, P.J.; Harrison, S.; Munoz, D.;
How conductive adhesives contribute to hetero-junction module technology
ECN-M--11-107 EN december 2011; 2 pag.
Presented at: 17th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC17), Fukuoka, Japan, 3-7 december 2007.
Komatsu, Y.; Strien, W.J. van; Vlooswijk, A.H.G.; Venema, P.; Stassen, A.F.;
Efficiency improvement with less silver consumption by deeper emitter with lower sheet resistance for uniform emitter
ECN-M--11-090 EN december 2011; 2 pag.
Lamers, M.W.P.E.; Butler, K.T.; Romijn, I.G.; Harding, J.H.; Weeber, A.W.;
Examination of the properties of the interface of a-SiNx:H/Si in crystalline silicon solar cells and its effect on cell efficiency
ECN-M--11-085 EN november 2011; 6 pag.
Jansen, D.;
Pre combustion CO2 capture
ECN-M--11-102 EN november 2011; 32 pag.
Hal, J.W. van;
Seaweed: the other algal biomass
ECN-M--11-099 EN november 2011; 24 pag.
Lenstra, W.J.; Hal, J.W. van; Reith, J.H.;
Economic aspects of open ocean seaweed cultivation
ECN-M--11-100 EN november 2011; 21 pag.
Hal, J.W. van; Lenstra, W.J.; Reith, J.H.; López Contreras, A.M.;
Seaweed biorefinery: towards third generation biobased commodities
ECN-M--11-101 EN november 2011; 30 pag.
Meijden, C.M. van der;
ECN-M--11-098 EN november 2011; 17 pag.
Rabou, L.P.L.M.; Drift, A. van der;
Benzene and ethylene in bio-SNG production: nuisance, fuel or valuable products?
ECN-M--11-092 EN november 2011; 34 pag.
Grasso, F.;
Usage of Hybrid Optimization Scheme for Wind Turbine Airfoils Design
ECN-M--11-087 EN oktober 2011; 10 pag.
Cabello Ganuza, M.; Vermeulen, A.T.; Orza, J.A.G.;
Influence of interannual variability of transport on surface based measurements of greenhouse gases
ECN-M--11-096 EN oktober 2011; 2 pag.
Orza, J.A.G.; Cabello Ganuza, M.; Vermeulen, A.T.;
The influence of NAO on the interannual variability of tropospheric transport pathways in southern Europe
ECN-M--11-097 EN oktober 2011; 2 pag.
Tigchelaar, C.;
Do energy efficiency investments lead to lower household expenditure? Detailed analyses of the Dutch energy efficiency potential in ‘real’ households
ECN-M--11-094 EN oktober 2011; 7 pag.
Brand, A.J.; Peinke, J.; Mann, J;
Turbulence and Wind Turbines
ECN-M--11-086 EN september 2011; 37 pag.
Lenstra, W.J.; Hal, J.W. van; Reith, J.H.;
Ocean Seaweed Biomass, For large scale biofuel production
ECN-M--11-089 EN september 2011; 20 pag.
Drift, A. van der;
Tar dew point; past, present and future
ECN-M--11-088 EN september 2011; 10 pag.
Coletti, G.;
Sensitivity of crystalline silicon solar cells to metal impurities
ECN-M--11-014 EN september 2011; 3 pag.
Wipliez, L.; Loffler, J.; Heijna, M.; Slooff, L.H.; Keijzer, M.A. de; Bosman, J.; Soppe, W.J.; Schoonderbeek, A.; Stute, U.; Rubingh, E.; Furthner, F.; Kruijt, P.G.M.;
Monolithic series interconnection of flexible thin-film PV devices
ECN-M--11-016 EN september 2011; 4 pag.
Soppe, W.J.; Haug, F.J.; Couty, P.; Duchamp, M.; Schipper, W.; Krc, J.; Sanchez, G.; Leitner, K.; Wang, Q.;
Silicon Light: a European FP7 project aiming at high efficiency thin film silicon solar cells on foil
ECN-M--11-017 EN september 2011; 4 pag.
Veenstra, S.C.; Grossiord, N.; Galagan, Y.; Andriessen, R.; Blom, P.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Budel, T.; Slooff, L.H.; Kroon, J.M.;
Towards an all-solution processed polymer solar cell
ECN-M--11-018 EN september 2011; 4 pag.
Lenzmann, F.O.; Kroon, J.M.; Andriessen, R.; Espinosa, N.; Garcia-Valverde, R.; Krebs, F.C.;
Refined life-cycle assessment of polymer solar cells
ECN-M--11-020 EN september 2011; 5 pag.
Aken, B.B. van; Heijna, M.; Loffler, J.; Soppe, W.J.;
Inline deposited Thin-film silicon solar cells on imprinted foil
ECN-M--11-021 EN september 2011; 4 pag.
Aken, B.B. van; Duchamp, M.; Boothroyd, C.B.; Dunin-Borkowski, R.E.; Barnes, J-P.; Veillerot, M.; Soppe, W.J.;
Boron concentration measurements at the I/P interface in nip a-Si solar cells
ECN-M--11-022 EN september 2011; 4 pag.
Olson, C.L.; Wild - Scholten, M.J. de; Scherff, M.; Ribeyron, P.-J.;
Life Cycle Assessment of Heterojunction Solar Cells and Modules
ECN-M--11-008 EN september 2011; 4 pag.
Guillevin, N.; Heurtault, B.; Bennett, I.J.; Guichoux, M.G.; Geerligs, L.J.; Weeber, A.W.; Jingfeng, Xiong ; Zhiyan, Hu ; Gaofei, Li ; Wenchao, Zhao; Yingle, Chen; Jianming, Wang; Ziqian, Wang; Jianhui, Chen;
Development towards 20% efficient n-type Si MWT solar cells for low-cost industrial production
ECN-M--11-009 EN september 2011; 6 pag.
Lamers, M.W.P.E.; Mewe, A.A.; Romijn, I.G.; Bende, E.E.; Komatsu, Y.; Koppes, M.; Morecroft, D.; Cascant, M.; Castano, F.J.; Weeber, A.W.; Cesar, I.;
Towards 21% efficient n-Cz IBC based on screen printing
ECN-M--11-010 EN september 2011; 4 pag.
Späth, M.; Veldman, D.; Dekker, N.J.J.; Bennett, I.J.; Eerenstein, W.; Jong, P.C. de; Ribeyron, P.J.; Harrison, S.; Munoz, D.;
Hetero-Junction Module Technology
ECN-M--11-011 EN september 2011; 4 pag.
Komatsu, Y.; Anker, J.; Geerman, H.; Venema, P.; Stassen, A.F.;
Emitter performance improvement of multicrystalline Si solar cell by controlling the n++ layer
ECN-M--11-012 EN september 2011; 5 pag.
Burgers, A.R.; Geerligs, L.J.; Carr, A.J.; Gutjahr, A.; Saynova - Oosterling, D.S.; Jingfeng, Xiong ; Gaofei, Li ; Zhuo, Xu; Hongfang, Wang; Haijiao, An; Zhiyan, Hu ; Venema, P.; Vlooswijk, A.H.G.;
19.5% Efficient N-type Si solar cells made in production
ECN-M--11-026 EN september 2011; 4 pag.
Tijani, M.E.H.; Vanapalli, S.; Spoelstra, S.; Lycklama a Nijeholt, J.A.;
Electrically driven thermoacoustic heat pump
ECN-M--11-061 EN september 2011; 10 pag.
Sumbharaju, R.; Correia, L.A.; Meyer, D.F.; Delft, Y.C. van; Groot, A. de;
G-L Taylor Flow reactor system Oxidation of ethylbenzene
ECN-M--11-084 EN augustus 2011; 26 pag.
Brand, A.J.;
Will it blow? Short to mid-term wind power forecasting
ECN-M--11-081 EN augustus 2011; 68 pag.
Brand, A.J.;
A quasi-steady wind farm flow model
ECN-M--11-082 EN augustus 2011; 40 pag.
Brand, A.J.;
A downscaling method for application in wind resource assessment and wind power forecasting
ECN-M--11-083 EN augustus 2011; 33 pag.
Guillevin, N.; Heurtault, B.; Geerligs, L.J.; Weeber, A.W.;
Development towards 20% efficient Si MWT solar cells for low-cost industrial production
ECN-M--11-091 EN augustus 2011; 9 pag.
Veldman, D.; Bennett, I.J.; Brockholz, B.; Jong, P.C. de;
Non-destructive testing of crystalline silicon photovoltaic back-contact modules
ECN-M--11-048 EN augustus 2011; 7 pag.
Cesar, I.; Mewe, A.A.; Manshanden, P.; Romijn, I.G.; Janssen, L.; Weeber, A.W.;
Effect of Al contact pitch on rear passivated solar cells
ECN-M--11-013 EN augustus 2011; 9 pag.
Komatsu, Y.; Koorn, M.; Vlooswijk, A.H.G.; Venema, P.; Stassen, A.F.;
Efficiency Improvement by Deeper Emitter with Lower Sheet Resistance for Uniform Emitters
ECN-M--11-025 EN augustus 2011; 6 pag.
Meijden, C.M. van der; Sierhuis, W.; Drift, A. van der;
Waste wood fueled gasification demonstration project
ECN-M--11-066 EN juli 2011; 10 pag.
Meijden, C.M. van der; Sierhuis, W.; Drift, A. van der; Vreugdenhil, B.J.;
Waste wood gasification in an allothermal gasifier
ECN-M--11-078 EN juli 2011; 6 pag.
Verhoeff, F.; Pels, J.R.; Boersma, A.R.; Zwart, R.W.R.; Kiel, J.H.A.;
ECN-M--11-079 EN juli 2011; 8 pag.
Maggio, T.; Grasso, F.; Coiro, D.P.;
Numerical Study on Performance of Curved Wind Turbine Blade for Loads Reduction
ECN-M--11-072 EN juli 2011; 9 pag.
Backhaus, J.; Breukers, S.C.; Mont, O.;
Mainstreaming best practices in energy demand
ECN-M--11-077 EN juli 2011; 10 pag.
Zondag, H.A.; Kikkert, B.W.J.; Smeding, S.F.; Bakker, M.;
Thermochemical seasonal solar heat storage with MgCl2.6H2O: first upscaling of the reactor
ECN-M--11-071 EN juli 2011; 10 pag.
Grasso, F.;
Design and Optimization of Tidal Turbine Airfoil
ECN-M--11-067 NL juli 2011; 16 pag.
Bizzarrini, N.; Grasso, F.; Coiro, D.P.;
Numerical Optimization of High Efficiency, Low Noise Airfoils
ECN-M--11-068 EN juli 2011; 16 pag.
Sanderse, B.;
Energy Conserving Time Integration Methods for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
ECN-M--11-064 EN juni 2011; 43 pag.
Eecen, P.J.; Wagenaar, J.W.; Bot, E.T.G.;
Offshore wind farms: losses and turbulence in wakes
ECN-M--11-065 EN juni 2011; 20 pag.
Veldman, D.; Bennett, I.J.; Brockholz, B.; Jong, P.C. de;
ECN-M--11-027 EN juni 2011; 4 pag.
Cesar, I.; Granneman, E.; Vermont, P.; Khatri, H.; Kerp, H.; Shaikh, A.; Manshanden, P.; Mewe, A.A.; Romijn, I.G.; Weeber, A.W.;
Industrial application of uncapped Al2O3 and firing-through Al-BSF in open rear passivated solar cells
ECN-M--11-073 EN juni 2011; 6 pag.
Castano, F.J.; Morecroft, D.; Cascant, M.; Yuste, H.; Lamers, M.W.P.E.; Mewe, A.A.; Romijn, I.G.; Bende, E.E.; Komatsu, Y.; Weeber, A.W.; Cesar, I.;
Industrially feasible >19% efficiency IBC cells for pilot line processing,
ECN-M--11-074 EN juni 2011; 5 pag.
Loffler, J.; Wipliez, L.; Heijna, M.; Slooff, L.H.; Keijzer, M.A. de; Bosman, J.; Soppe, W.J.; Schoonderbeek, A.; Rubingh, E.; Furthner, F.; Kruijt, P.G.M.;
Laser scribing and printing processes for thin-film PV Devices
ECN-M--11-075 EN juni 2011; 4 pag.
Loffler, J.; Heijna, M.; Soppe, W.J.; Aken, B.B. van;
Dynamically deposited thin-film silicon solar cells on imprinted foil using linear PECVD sources
ECN-M--11-076 EN juni 2011; 4 pag.
Tigchelaar, C.; Daniëls, B.W.; Menkveld, M.;
Obligations in the existing housing stock: Who pays the bill?
ECN-M--11-070 EN juni 2011; 11 pag.
Grasso, F.;
Near Wake Simulation of Mexico Rotor in Axial and Yawed Flow Conditions with Lifting Line Free Wake Code
ECN-M--11-063 EN juni 2011; 8 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Brand, A.J.;
The Impact of Wind Power on Day-ahead Electricity
ECN-M--11-111 EN mei 2011; 5 pag.
Dijkstra, J.W.;
Cachet II WP 4 Module design, Process Integration, Economics, HSE
ECN-M--11-054 EN mei 2011; 26 pag.
Bakker, E.J.; Boer, R. de; Smeding, S.F.; Sijpheer, N.C.; Pal, M. van der;
Development of an innovative 2.5 kW silicagel-water adsorption chiller
ECN-M--11-043 EN mei 2011; 8 pag.
Verde, M.; Corberan, J.M.; Boer, R. de; Smeding, S.F.;
Modelling of a waste heat driven silica gel/water adsorption cooling system comparison with experimental results
ECN-M--11-060 EN mei 2011; 14 pag.
Berkel, F.P.F. van; Goldbach, A.; Xu, H.; Jiang, C.; Hao, C.; Jansen, D.;
CACHET II WP1, Pd membrane engineering, development and PDU testing
ECN-M--11-055 EN april 2011; 24 pag.
Haije, W.G.;
High throughput screening of Pd-alloys for H2 separation membranes studied by hydrogenography and CVM
ECN-M--11-057 EN april 2011; 27 pag.
Ozdemir, H.; Boogaard, E.F. van den;
Solving the integral boundary layer equations with a discontinuous Galerkin method
ECN-M--11-053 EN april 2011; 12 pag.
Ozdemir, H.;
Numerical Solution of 2D unsteady integral boundary layer equations with a discontinuous Galerkin method
ECN-M--11-050 EN april 2011; 22 pag.
Kiel, J.H.A.;
EERA Bioenergy – Thermochemical Processing
ECN-M--11-051 EN april 2011; 24 pag.
Frumau, K.F.A.; Hensen, A.; Bleeker, A.; Tol, C.; Duyzer, J.H.; Weststrate, H.;
Nitrogen oxides and ozone exchange above a coniferous forest in the Netherlands
ECN-M--11-052 EN april 2011; 2 pag.
Kiel, J.H.A.;
Torrefaction for upgrading biomass into commodity fuel; Status and ECN technology development
ECN-M--11-047 EN april 2011; 0 pag.
Eecen, P.J.;
Ontwerpsoftware voor windenergietoepassingen
ECN-M--11-046 NL april 2011; 33 pag.
Bijleveld, H.; Veldman, A.E.P.;
Prediction of unsteady flow over airfoils using a quasi-simultaneous interaction method
ECN-M--11-045 EN april 2011; 10 pag.
Bergamaschi, P.; Corazza, M.; Segers, A.; Vermeulen, A.T.; Manning, A.; Athanassiadou, M.; Thompson, R.; Pison, I.; Bousquet, P.; Karstens, U.; Schmidt, M.; Ramonet, M.; Meinhardt, F.; Alto, T.; Haszpra, L.; Moncrieff, J.; Popa, M.E.; Nisbet, E.G.; Fisher, R.E.; Steinbacher, M.; Jordan, A.; O'Doherty, S.; Piacentino, S.; Dlugokencky, E.;
Top-down estimates of European CH4 and N2O emissions based on 5 different inverse models
ECN-M--11-044 EN april 2011; 2 pag.
Pal, M. van der; Boer, R. de; Wemmers, A.K.; Smeding, S.F.; Veldhuis, J.B.J.; Lycklama a Nijeholt, J.A.;
Experimental results and model calculations of a hybrid adsorption-compression heat pump based on a roots compressor and silica gel-water sorption
ECN-M--11-042 EN april 2011; 0 pag.
Huijgen, W.J.J.; Smit, A.T.; Wild, P.J. de; Reith, J.H.; Uil, H. den;
Effects of Catalysts on Organosolv Fractionation of Willow Wood and Wheat Straw
ECN-M--11-041 EN maart 2011; 5 pag.
Bizzarrini, N.; Grasso, F.; Coiro, D.P.;
Genetic Algorithms in Wind Turbine Airfoil Design
ECN-M--11-035 EN maart 2011; 13 pag.
Maggio, T.; Grasso, F.;
Numerical Investigation on Performance of Innovative Wind Turbine Blades for Loads Reduction
ECN-M--11-036 EN maart 2011; 8 pag.
Jablonska, B.; Ruijg, G.J.; Opstelten, I.J.; Epema, T.; Willems, E.M.M.;
Transition to Sustainable Energy Neutral Districts before 2050: Innovative Concepts and Pilots for the Built Environment
ECN-M--11-037 EN maart 2011; 11 pag.
Willems, E.; Jablonska, B.; Ruijg, G.J.; Krikke, T.;
Energy Neutral Districts? Key to Transition towards Energy Neutral Built Environment!
ECN-M--11-038 EN maart 2011; 9 pag.
Jablonska, B.; Epema, T.; Willems, E.M.M.; Visser, H.; Opstelten, I.J.;
Innovative Concepts for energy Neutral Districts in 2050
ECN-M--11-039 EN maart 2011; 2 pag.
Donkers, J.A.J.; Brand, A.J.; Eecen, P.J.;
Offshore Wind Atlas of the Dutch Part of the North Sea
ECN-M--11-031 EN maart 2011; 12 pag.
Brand, A.J.;
A Quasi-Steady Wind Farm Control Model
ECN-M--11-032 EN maart 2011; 0 pag.
Wagenaar, J.W.; Eecen, P.J.;
Dependence of Power Performance on Atmospheric Conditions and Possible Corrections
ECN-M--11-033 EN maart 2011; 12 pag.
Schepers, J.G.; Boorsma, K.; Bon, A.; Kim, C.; Cho, T.;
Mexnext: Analysis of detailed aerodynamic measurements on a 4.5 m diameter rotor placed in the large German Dutch Wind Tunnel DNW
ECN-M--11-034 EN maart 2011; 11 pag.
Tommasi, L. de; Gibescu, M.;
On a wind farm aggregate model based on the output rescaling of a single turbine model
ECN-M--10-087 EN maart 2011; 7 pag.
Presented at: 16th European Conference on Mathematics for Industry, Wuppertal, Germany, 26-30 juli 2010.
Pal, M. van der; Wemmers, A.K.; Smeding, S.F.; Veldhuis, J.B.J.;
Measurement results of a hybrid adsorption-compression heat pump based on a roots compressor and silica gel-water sorption cycle
ECN-M--11-029 EN maart 2011; 9 pag.
Pal, M. van der; Boer, R. de; Veldhuis, J.B.J.; Smeding, S.F.;
Experimental setup for determining ammonia-salt adsorption and desorption behavior under typical heat pump conditions: a description of the setup and experimental results
ECN-M--11-030 EN maart 2011; 11 pag.
Kiel, J.H.A.;
Torrefaction for upgrading biomass into commodity fuel; European developments
ECN-M--11-028 EN maart 2011; 25 pag.
Dijk, H.A.J. van; Walspurger, S.; Cobden, P.D.; Brink, R.W. van den;
Testing of hydrotalcite based sorbents for CO2 and H2S capture for use in sorption enhanced water gas shift
ECN-M--10-106 EN maart 2011; 8 pag.
Haije, W.G.; Kluiters, S.C.; Brink, R.W. van den; Jansen, D.;
Systems and materials for mixed ionic electronic conducting membranes in integrated oxyfuel combustion systems
ECN-M--10-103 EN maart 2011; 8 pag.
Selow, E.R. van; Cobden, P.D.; Wright, A.; Brink, R.W. van den; Jansen, D.;
Improved sorbent for the sorption-enhanced water-gas shift process
ECN-M--10-105 EN februari 2011; 8 pag.
Li, H.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Pieterse, J.A.Z.; Boon, J.; Brink, R.W. van den; Jansen, D.;
WGS-mixture Separation and WGS reaction Test in a Bench-scale Multi-tubular membrane Reactor
ECN-M--10-104 EN februari 2011; 8 pag.
Boon, J.; Li, H.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Pieterse, J.A.Z.;
2-Dimensional membrane spearator modelling: mass transfer by convection and diffusion
ECN-M--10-100 EN februari 2011; 8 pag.
Dijkstra, J.W.; Raju, G.; Peppink, G.; Jansen, D.;
Techno-economic evaluation of membrane technology for pre-combustion decarbonisation: water-gas shift versus reforming
ECN-M--10-101 EN februari 2011; 8 pag.
Eecen, P.J.;
Presentations Dutch Wind Workshops
ECN-M--10-084 EN februari 2011; 496 pag.
Presented at: Dutch Wind Workshops, Wieringerwerf, The Netherlands, 14-15 oktober 2010.
Kiel, J.H.A.;
ECN’s torrefaction-based BO2-technology – from pilot to demo
ECN-M--11-024 EN februari 2011; 24 pag.
Boer, R. de; Magnetto, D.; Taklanti, A.;
A Mobile Air Conditioning system operated by the engine waste heat
ECN-M--11-006 EN januari 2011; 10 pag.
Pruissen, O.P. van;
Suppressing Peak Load at simultaneous demand of electric heating in residential areas
ECN-M--11-007 EN januari 2011; 11 pag.
Presented at: 1st International ICST Conference on E-Energy, Athens, Greece, 14-15 oktober 2010.
Sanderse, B.;
Energy conserving time integration methods for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
ECN-M--11-005 EN januari 2011; 55 pag.
Grasso, F.; Garrel, A. van; Schepers, J.G.;
Development and Validation of Generalized Lifting Line Based Code for Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
ECN-M--11-004 EN januari 2011; 19 pag.
Aneja, V.P.; Schlesinger, W.H.; Erisman, J.W.; Sharma, M.; Behera, S.N.; Battye, W.;
Reactive nitrogen emissions from crop and livestock farming in India
ECN-M--11-003 EN januari 2011; 25 pag.
Kamphuis, I.G.; Roossien, B.; Bliek, F.W.; Noort, A. van den ; Velde, J. van de; Wit, J. de;
Architectural design and first results evaluation of the PowerMatching City field test
ECN-M--11-002 EN januari 2011; 5 pag.