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Prediction of unsteady flow over airfoils using a quasi-simultaneous interaction method
Bijleveld, H.; Veldman, A.E.P.
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ECN Wind Energy 5-4-2011
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ECN-M--11-045 Conference Paper
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The unsteady flow over airfoils is determined by splitting the flow field into a viscous and inviscid region. Interaction between these two regions is established by applying the strong quasi-simultaneous interaction method of Veldman [11]. In this method, the boundary-layer is solved together with the interaction law after which an inviscid calculation is carried out. For laminar and turbulent boundary-layer flows over two-dimensional dented plates it is shown analytically and numerically that the quasi-simultaneous interaction method removes the singularity at separation. Also, using either primary or characteristic variables in the sets of equations in simulations yields the same result. This means that the determination and use of characteristic directions of the viscous flow is feasible in the method ROTORFLOW 2D which is developed by ECN Wind Energy.

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