Publications of type Conference Paper in 2018.
Aranda Almansa, G.;
BIO-SNG production from biomass gasification: duration tests with MILENA/OLGA/ESME
ECN-M--18-012 EN juni 2018; 1 pag.
Zondag, H.A.; Boer, R. de; Pal, M. van der; Smidt, R.P. de;
Thermal conductivity measurements for impregnated PCM
ECN-M--18-009 EN maart 2018; 1 pag.
Presented at: 12th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2018), Dusseldorf, 13-15 maart 2018.
Booneveld, S.; Kampen, J. van; Hoogendoorn, R.; Grecea, S.; Boon, J.;
Catalyst activation in Sorption-Enhanced DME Synthesis
ECN-M--18-006 EN februari 2018; 1 pag.
Presented at: The Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference (NCCC), Noordwijkerhout, 5-7 maart 2018.