Publications of type Other in 2011.
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Optimising the road to a low carbon competitive energy sector in Europe
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Key findings & policy recommendations to improve effectiveness of Energy Performance Certificates & the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
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Naar een schone economie in 2050: routes verkend. Hoe Nederland klimaatneutraal kan worden
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Effects of text and visual depictions of CO2 storage on information processing, risk perceptions, and attitudes
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Do we need a common support scheme for renewable-sourced electricity in Europe? If so, how could it be designed?
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Techno-economic analysis of key renewable energy technologies (PV, CSP and wind)
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ECN-O--11-063 EN september 2011; 204 pag.
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Impurities in silicon and their impact on solar cell performance
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Doorrekening van het kabinetsbeleid voor milieu, klimaat en natuur. Verkenning voor de Motie-Halsema
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Synthesis report on the trans-national infrastructure developments on the electricity and gas market: D3.2 of the SUSPLAN project
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On developing NAMAs – discussion paper
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Bioenergy development pathways for Europe
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Biomass pyrolysis for chemicals
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WINDSPEED. Roadmap to the deployment of offshore wind energy in the Central and Southern North Sea
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Technology Innovation for Energy Intensive Industry in the United Kingdom
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CO2ReMoVe D4.1.4B: Possible impacts of captured CO2 stream impurities on transport infrastructure and geological storage formations. Current understanding and implications for EU legislation
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Encouraging Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage
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Raming van broeikasgassen en luchtverontreinigende stoffen 2011-2015
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WINDSPEED D 6.1. Scenarios for offshore wind including spatial interactions and grid issues
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Role of CCS in the international climate regime
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Potential impacts of CCS on the CDM
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Preferences of potential users of electric cars related to charging - A survey in eight EU countries
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T-MAPPER: Transport Measures And Policies to Promote Emission Reductions
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Beoordelen grootschalige bodemtoepassingen in diepe plassen: Elementen voor generieke en locatiespecifieke beoordeling
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Carbon (EC/OC) concentrations as derived from routine PM measurements in the Netherlands
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Emissions from flaring Jubilee field gas, ECN Ghana Policy Briefs
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NAMAs and MRV, ECN Ghana Policy Briefs
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Successfulness of Bus Rapid Transit systems in Asia
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CATO-2 Deliverable WP 2.2-D 2.2 01, Screening of the impacts of large scale CCS on the electricity market
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Het bemesten van de lucht; over stikstof in relatie tot de voedsel-, energie en milieuproblematiek
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Change Best:Task 2.1: National Report on the Energy Efficiency Service Business in the Netherlands
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Change Best: Task 2.3: Analysis of policy mix and development of Energy Efficiency Services
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De stille revolutie: zonne-energie op weg naar grootschalig gebruik
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De process safety monitor
ECN-O--11-003 NL januari 2011; 55 pag.
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Innovatieve energieconcepten en pilots voor de energieneutrale gebiedsontwikkeling in 2050
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Public Perceptions of CCS: the results of NearCO2 European Focus Groups
ECN-O--11-064 EN 2011; 32 pag.
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Near CO2. WP 1.3: Mapping opinion shaping factors that influine acceptance of CCS prior to and after CCS project planning
ECN-O--11-061 EN 2011; 36 pag.
Desbarats, J.; Upham, P.; Riesch, H.; Reiner, D.; Brunsting, S.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Duetschke, E.; Oltra, C.; Sala, R.; McLachlan, C.;
Near CO2. D 1.2: Review of the public participation practices for CCS and non-CCS projects in Europe
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