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CO2ReMoVe D4.1.4B: Possible impacts of captured CO2 stream impurities on transport infrastructure and geological storage formations. Current understanding and implications for EU legislation
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ECN Policy Studies 10-6-2011
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ECN-O--11-040 Other
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At present, European regulation does not specify in quantitative terms a legal composition of a captured CO2 stream. This report aims to provide an overview of the current state regulation regarding the presence of impurities in captured CO2 streams, and their potential impacts on transport infrastructure and storage formations. It concludes that although impurities in the CO2 stream may have impacts on storage efficiency and the porosity of storage reservoirs, if deemed necessary, advice on setting quantitative limits on the presence of a number of impurities for the purposes of safe and efficient storage cannot yet be given. A potential best practice emerging from literature regarding storage capacity could include that the amount of non-condensable gases in the CO2 stream should not exceed 4% by volume. This figure is understood to reflect an optimum balance between gas conditioning costs and the costs of compression. Further work is recommended that assesses the interaction between the CO2 purity requirements between the different stages of the CCS chain.

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