Publications of type Conference Paper in 1993.
Oostvoorn, F. van; Broek, M. van den; Harmelen, T. van; Linden, N. van der; Pellekaan, W.O.;
Experiences with the application of different energy models in East European countries
ECN-RX--93-071 EN juli 1993; 25 pag.
Presented at: International Workship on Environmental Management, Geneva, Switzerland, 6-9 januari 1993.
Okken, P.A.; Gielen, D.J.; Kram, T.;
Correcting fossil fuel CO2 emission statistics for non-energy use, FGD and CO2 removal
ECN-RX--93-039 EN mei 1993; 23 pag.
Presented at: AGM 'Assessment of data bases on energy demand and supply in terms of their adequacy for use in studies of greenhouse gas emissions, Vienna, Austria, 5-7 april 1993.
Okken, P.A.;
Storage restrictions and the preference for CO2 removal options
ECN-RX--93-053 EN 1993; 19 pag.
Presented at: IEA CO2 Disposal Symposium IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme, Oxford, UK, 29-31 maart 1993.