Publications of unit Business Development in 2016.
Wittkampf, S.A.;
Technology Offer: Solar panel with reflection structures
ECN-O--16-057 EN december 2016; 1 pag.
Wittkampf, S.A.; Uil, H. den;
Technology offer: Dust protection for Mass Spectrometers and Gas Chromatographs
ECN-O--16-044 EN november 2016; 1 pag.
Wittkampf, S.A.;
Technology offer - 3D printing of sorbents and catalysts
ECN-O--16-040 EN september 2016; 0 pag.
Zhang, Y.;
High performance solid-oxide fuel cell: Opening windows to low temperature application
ECN-W--16-008 EN maart 2016; 9 pag.
Published in: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Elsevier), 2016, Ed.2016.02.033, p.1-9.