Publications of type Presentation in 2008.
Drift, A. van der;
Gasification for 2nd generation biofuels
ECN-L--08-083 EN december 2008; 0 pag.
Presented at: Energy Days TU Eindhoven, Eindhoven, Nederland, 4 november 2008.
Drift, A. van der;
Country reports the Netherlands
ECN-L--08-085 EN december 2008; 0 pag.
Presented at: IEA/Task 33, Montreal, Canada, 16 oktober 2008.
Kiel, J.H.A.;
Biomass co-firing in high percentages – opportunities in conventional and advanced coal-fired plants
ECN-L--08-080 EN november 2008; 42 pag.
Presented at: IEA Bioenergy Task 32 workshop Increasing co-firing percentages in existing coal, Geertruidenberg, the Netherlands, 21 October 2008.
Coninck, H.C. de; Chakravarty, Shoibal; Chikkatur, Ananth; Pacala, Steve; Socolow, Robert; Tavoni, Massimo;
Post-2012 allocation: Allowable emissions based on people, not nations
ECN-L--08-073 EN oktober 2008; 23 pag.
Presented at: , Brighton, UK, 3 October 2008.
Coninck, H.C. de;
CO2 capture and storage: An option for the long term?
ECN-L--08-072 EN oktober 2008; 21 pag.
Presented at: IPIECA Climate and Energy Workshop, London, UK, 2 October 2008.
Raven, R.P.J.M.;
Renewable energy in the Netherlands and the need for public acceptance
ECN-L--08-071 NL september 2008; 32 pag.
Presented at: Docentendag Scheikunde, Eindhoven, Nederland, 24 September 2008.
Beurskens, L.W.M.;
Towards sustainable energy management: promise or possibility?
ECN-L--08-079 NL september 2008; 41 pag.
Presented at: KIVI NIRIA, Noordscharwoude, Nederland, 23 September 2008.
Coninck, H.C. de;
Costs and economics of CO2 capture and storage and what those mean for policy
ECN-L--08-075 EN augustus 2008; 30 pag.
Presented at: IEA GHG R&D Programme Summer School on CCS, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada, 28 August 2008.
Feenstra, C.F.J.;
Changing Behaviour
ECN-L--08-077 EN augustus 2008; 12 pag.
Presented at: 4S/EASST meeting, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 22 August 2008.
Coninck, H.C. de;
The international response to climate change: Talks, acronyms and actions
ECN-L--08-074 EN augustus 2008; 24 pag.
Presented at: Shell CO2 team Away Day, Brussel, Belgium, 21 August 2008.
Roossien, B.; Hommelberg, M.P.F.; Warmer, C.J.; Kok, J.K.; Turkstra, J.W.;
Virtual power plant field experiment using 10 micro-chip units at consumer premises
ECN-L--08-041 EN augustus 2008; 4 pag.
Presented at: CIRED seminar 2008: SmartGrids for Distribution, Frankfurt, Germany, 23-24 June 2008.
Jansen, J.C.;
Draft RES Directive: some sticking points
ECN-L--08-040 EN augustus 2008; 10 pag.
Presented at: CEPS/ECN meeting, Brussels, Belgium, 13 May 2008.
Londo, H.M.;
Eyes on the track, Mind on the horizon. From inconvenient rapeseed to clean wood: A European road map for biofuels
ECN-L--08-023 EN juni 2008; 16 pag.
Presented at: 16th European Biomass Conference, Valencia, Spain, 2-6 June 2008.