Publications of type Conference Paper in 2016.
Tijani, M.E.H.; Lycklama a Nijeholt, J.A.; Spoelstra, S.;
Development of a thermoacoustic heat pump for distillation column
ECN-M--16-072 EN november 2016; 11 pag.
Pels, J.R.; Janssen, A.H.H.; Carbo, M.C.; Kuipers, H;
Fuel Production from Sewage Sludge using TORWASH for highly efficient dewatering and salt removal
ECN-M--16-071 EN november 2016; 1 pag.
Veen, H.M. van; Tuel, M.M.A. van; Motelica, A; Vente, J.F.; Baik, J.H.; Cho, J;
Lab and pilot scale pervaporation process for the purification of dimethyl carbonate
ECN-M--16-070 EN oktober 2016; 1 pag.
Boorsma, K.; Schepers, J.G.;
Rotor experiments in controlled conditions continued: New Mexico
ECN-M--16-063 EN oktober 2016; 10 pag.
Parra, E.A.; Boorsma, K.; Schepers, J.G.; Snel, H.;
Momentum considerations on the New MEXICO experiment
ECN-M--16-064 EN oktober 2016; 13 pag.
Boorsma, K.; Hartvelt, M.; Orsi, L.;
Application of the lifting line vortex wake method to dynamic load case simulations
ECN-M--16-066 EN oktober 2016; 11 pag.
sorensen, N.N.; Zahle, F.; Boorsma, K.; Schepers, J.G.;
CFD computations of the second round of MEXICO rotor measurements
ECN-M--16-067 EN oktober 2016; 11 pag.
Oggiano, L.; Boorsma, K.; Schepers, J.G.; Kloosterman, M.;
Comparison of simulations on the NewMexico rotor operating in pitch fault conditions
ECN-M--16-068 EN oktober 2016; 11 pag.
Rahimi, H.; Hartvelt, M.; Peinke, J.; Schepers, J.G.;
Investigation of the current yaw engineering models for simulation of wind turbines in BEM
ECN-M--16-069 EN oktober 2016; 15 pag.
Slooff, L.H.; Verkuilen, S.; Jong, M.M. de; Donker, M.N. van den; Kanellis, M.; Debije, M.G.;
Luminescent solar noise barrier – large scale testing and modeling
ECN-M--16-003 EN september 2016; 4 pag.
Luxembourg, S.L.; Zhang, D.; Wu, Y.; Geerligs, L.J.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Veenstra, S.C.;
Evaluation of bottom cell concepts for perovskite / crystalline silicon tandems
ECN-M--16-060 EN augustus 2016; 5 pag.
Geerligs, L.J.; Stodolny, M.K.; Wu, Y.; Gutjahr, A.; Janssen, G.J.M.; Romijn, I.G.; Anker, J.; Bende, E.E.; Ciftpinar, E.H.; Lenes, M.; Luchies, J.M.;
LPCVD polysilicon passivating contacts
ECN-M--16-061 EN augustus 2016; 8 pag.
Aken, B.B. van; Okel, L.A.G.; Liu, J.; Luxembourg, S.L.; Roosmalen, J.A.M. van;
White bifacial modules - Improved STC performance combined with bifacial energy yield
ECN-M--16-012 EN juli 2016; 6 pag.
Grootjes, A.J.; Aranda Almansa, G.; Meijden, C.M. van der; Willeboer, W.; Spanjers, M.; Kant, H.F. de; Spit, R.;
Converting Low-value Feedstock Into Energy: Recent Developments in Gasifying Paper Rejects, RDF and MBM at 5 KWTH, 25 KWTH and 80 MWTH Scale
ECN-M--16-054 EN juli 2016; 10 pag.
Bos, A.; Rabou, L.P.L.M.; Vreugdenhil, B.J.; Waal, J.C. van der; Zandvoort, I. van;
Recovery of valuable hydrocarbons from biomass/waste gasification producer gas
ECN-M--16-055 EN juli 2016; 3 pag.
Lycklama a Nijeholt, J.A.;
Recent developments at ECN on Thermoacoustic heat pump technology - TASTE project
ECN-M--16-052 EN juni 2016; 4 pag.
Grootjes, A.J.; Aranda Almansa, G.; Meijden, C.M. van der; Bouman, P.J.; Raymakers, L.F.J.M.;
Co-production of green, high quality hydrogen and bio SNG using electrochemical hydrogen compression
ECN-M--16-053 EN juni 2016; 8 pag.
Lycklama a Nijeholt, J.A.; Tijani, M.E.H.; Siccama, N.B.;
CFD Modelling of the Effect of Oscillating Jets on Streaming Heat Losses in a Torus-shaped Thermoacoustic Engine
ECN-M--16-050 EN juni 2016; 4 pag.
Grootjes, A.J.; Vreugdenhil, B.J.; Zwart, R.W.R.;
Indirect gasification of waste to create a more valuable gas
ECN-M--16-051 EN juni 2016; 19 pag.
Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.;
Wind farm electrical system design and optimization
ECN-M--16-048 EN juni 2016; 14 pag.
Savenije, F.J.;
S4VAWT; Floating vertical axis wind turbines with pitched blades
ECN-M--16-049 EN juni 2016; 20 pag.
Mewe, A.A.; Spinelli, P.; Burgers, A.R.; Vlooswijk, A.H.G.; Guillevin, N.; Kossen, E.J.; Cesar, I.;
Emitter and contact optimization for high-efficiency IBC Mercury cells
ECN-M--16-014 EN juni 2016; 4 pag.
Stodolny, M.K.; Lenes, M.; Wu, Y.; Janssen, G.J.M.; Romijn, I.G.; Luchies, J.M.; Geerligs, L.J.;
N-type polysilicon passivating contacts for industrial bifacial n-pert cells
ECN-M--16-015 EN juni 2016; 6 pag.
Stodolny, M.K.; Janssen, G.J.M.; Aken, B.B. van; Tool, C.J.J.; Lamers, M.W.P.E.; Romijn, I.G.; Venema, P.; Renes, M.; Siarheyeva, O.; Granneman, E.; Wang, J.; Ma, J.; Cui, J.; Lang, F.; Hu, Z.; Loffler, J.;
PID and UVID resistant n-type solar cells and modules
ECN-M--16-016 EN juni 2016; 4 pag.
Coletti, G.; Ishimura, F.; Wu, Y.; Bende, E.E.; Janssen, G.J.M.; Hashimoto, K.; Watabe, Y.; Aken, B.B. van;
23% Metal Wrap Through Silicon Heterojunction Solar cells - A simple technology integrating high performance cell and module technologies
ECN-M--16-004 EN juni 2016; 3 pag.
Goris, M.J.A.A.; Kikkert, B.W.J.; Kroon, J.M.; Rozema, K.; Bennett, I.J.; Verlaak, J.;
Production of low cost back contact based PV modules
ECN-M--16-005 EN juni 2016; 6 pag.
Slooff, L.H.; Carr, A.J.; Sommeling, P.M.; Voort, R. van der;
Looking at the annual yield from various angles: optical model verification for structured glass
ECN-M--16-006 EN juni 2016; 3 pag.
Luxembourg, S.L.; Kloos, M.J.H.; Danzl, F.J.K.; Theewis, J.; Roosmalen, J.A.M. van;
Black, infrared reflecting backsheets for PV: where aesthetics meet performance
ECN-M--16-007 EN juni 2016; 4 pag.
Soppe, W.J.; Zhang, D.; Werf, C.H.M. van der; Swaaij, R.A.C.M.M. van; Creatore, M.; Williams, B.L.; Vroon, Z.; Deelen, J. van; Crombach, B. voorvoegsels; Erven, R. van;
Lght management in thin film solar cells
ECN-M--16-001 EN juni 2016; 3 pag.
Slooff, L.H.; Bende, E.E.; Jansen, M.J.; Okel, L.A.G.; Danzl, F.J.K.; Manshanden, P.;
Cell to Module losses of an MWT module
ECN-M--16-002 EN juni 2016; 4 pag.
Boorsma, K.;
Shining LiDAR light on wind farm efficiency; On the reduction of Cost of Energy using LiDAR technology
ECN-M--16-038 EN juni 2016; 19 pag.
Burgers, A.R.; Cesar, I.; Guillevin, N.; Mewe, A.A.; Spinelli, P.; Weeber, A.W.;
Designing IBC cells with FFE: long range effects with circuit simulation
ECN-M--16-040 EN juni 2016; 4 pag.
Gevaerts, V.S.; Biezemans, A.F.K.V.; Passet, Q.; Eggenhuizen, T.; Willems, R.; Veenstra, S.C.; Gilot, J.; Kroon, J.M.; Andriessen, R.;
Digitally printed photovoltaic devices with increasing stack complexity
ECN-M--16-041 EN juni 2016; 2 pag.
Broek, K.M.; Dekker, N.J.J.; Coletti, G.;
Successful Module Hot Spot Testing of 120 ppma Carbon Contaminated Silicon Feedstock
ECN-M--16-042 EN juni 2016; 3 pag.
Newman, B.K.; Bende, E.E.; Loffler, J.; Wang, J.; Zhai, jinye; Liu, D.; Wang, Z.; Chen, Y.; Shi, J.;
MWT Cells for shade-linear, diode-free modules
ECN-M--16-043 EN juni 2016; 6 pag.
Newman, B.K.; Biesbroek, A.; Carr, A.J.; Kester, J.C.P.; Jansen, M.J.; Sommeling, P.M.; Kroon, J.M.; Eerenstein, W.;
Adapting PV for various applications
ECN-M--16-044 EN juni 2016; 5 pag.
Coletti, G.; Ishimura, F.; Wu, Y.; Janssen, G.J.M.; Aken, B.B. van; Hashimoto, K.; Watabe, Y.;
23% Efficiency Metal Wrap Through Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
ECN-M--16-045 EN juni 2016; 4 pag.
Gerdes, J.; Hekkenberg, M.; Boonekamp, P.G.M.;
Disentangling definition issues in determining the costs of energy efficiency measures
ECN-M--17-048 EN juni 2016; 10 pag.
Kiel, J.H.A.; Vreugdenhil, B.J.; Cieplik, M.K.; Wild, P.J. de;
Role of thermochemical conversion in biorefineries
ECN-M--16-037 EN mei 2016; 3 pag.
Hekkenberg, M.; Daniëls, B.W.; Gerdes, J.; Boonekamp, P.G.M.;
Defining sub-targets for deep decarbonisation - Keeping our eye on the ball
ECN-M--16-036 EN mei 2016; 12 pag.
Rabou, L.P.L.M.; Overwijk, M.H.F.;
The Alkmaar 4 MW bio-SNG demo project
ECN-M--16-032 EN mei 2016; 6 pag.
Dijkstra, J.W.; Bampouli, A.; Santos, C.; Cornelio da Silva, C.; Valentin, E.; Perdigão Silva, M.; Huijgen, W.J.J.; Hal, J.W. van; Linden, R. van der; Straathof, A.J.J.;
Techno-economic evaluation of a biorefinery for isobutanol and derivatives
ECN-M--16-035 EN mei 2016; 3 pag.
Tijani, M.E.H.; Lycklama a Nijeholt, J.A.;
Bench scale electrically driven thermoacoustic heat pump
ECN-M--15-051 EN april 2016; 4 pag.
Schepers, J.G.; Bulder, B.H.; Quinn, R. voorvoegsels;
An investigation into the effect of low induction rotors on the levelised cost of electricity for a 1GW offshore wind farm
ECN-M--16-023 EN maart 2016; 27 pag.
Schepers, J.G.;
Latest results from the EU project AVATAR: How to model large wind turbines aerodynamically
ECN-M--16-024 EN maart 2016; 32 pag.
Hasager, C.B.; Giebel, G.; Waldl, I.; Schepers, J.G.;
EERA Design Tool for Offshore wind farm Cluster (DTOC)
ECN-M--16-025 EN maart 2016; 3 pag.
Hasager, C.B.; Giebel, G.; Cantera, E.; Waldl, I.; Schepers, J.G.;
Design tool for off-shore wind farm cluster planning
ECN-M--16-027 EN maart 2016; 3 pag.
Schepers, J.G.;
AVATAR: AdVanced Aerodynamic Tools for lArge Rotors
ECN-M--15-055 EN februari 2016; 20 pag.
Ramanujam, G.; Ozdemir, H.; Hoeijmakers, H.W.M.;
Improving Airfoil Drag Prediction
ECN-M--16-022 EN februari 2016; 12 pag.
Reuder, J.; Baserud, L.; Kral, S.; Kumer, V.; Wagenaar, J.W.; Knauer, A.;
Proof of concept for wind turbine wake investigations with the RPAS SUMO
ECN-M--16-011 EN februari 2016; 10 pag.
Dijkstra, J.W.; Huijgen, W.J.J.; Straathof, A.J.J.; Collas, F.; Lopez-Contreras, A.M.; Zirkzee, H.; Wermink, W.; Ramirez-Ramirez, A.; Hal, J.W. van;
The IsoButanol Rotterdam Platform Project
ECN-M--16-020 EN februari 2016; 3 pag.