Publications of unit Wind Energy in 2014.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Bauer, P.; Ciupuliga, A.; Meer, A. van der; Teixeira Pinto, R.; Rodrigues, S.F.R.;
North Sea Transnational Grid
ECN-F--14-037 EN december 2014; 8 pag.
Kester, J.C.P.;
Interconnecting North Sea Wind Power Plants
ECN-L--14-081 EN december 2014; 22 pag.
Presented at: Wind Integration Workshop 2014 , Berlijn, Germany, 12-11-2014.
Kester, J.C.P.; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.;
Electrical Integration of North Sea Wind Power Plants using Interconnectors
ECN-M--14-065 EN december 2014; 6 pag.
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LMI-based Robust LPV Control of Wind Turbines: Literature Review and Problem Statement
ECN-E--14-036 EN oktober 2014; 41 pag.
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New MEXICO experiment, preliminary overview
ECN-E--14-048 EN oktober 2014; 63 pag.
Bot, E.T.G.;
Turbulence assessment with ground based lidars
ECN-E--14-043 EN september 2014; 26 pag.
Wagenaar, J.W.;
ECN Wind Nacelle LiDAR Services
ECN-F--14-026 EN september 2014; 0 pag.
Stam, W.J.;
ECN Wind turbine Test site Wieringermeer
ECN-F--14-027 EN september 2014; 0 pag.
Donnelly, G.T.;
ECN Wind Measurement Services Plus
ECN-F--14-028 EN september 2014; 0 pag.
Asgarpour, M.; Pieterman, R.P. van de;
O&M Cost Reduction of Offshore Wind Farms - A Novel Case Study
ECN-E--14-028 EN juli 2014; 44 pag.
Grasso, F.;
free form design for rotor blades
ECN-M--14-011 EN juli 2014; 11 pag.
Grasso, F.;
more than control… more than wind turbine
ECN-L--14-031 EN juni 2014; 25 pag.
Presented at: Wind Power Monthly conference, "Wind farm monitoring and control" , , .
Grasso, F.;
Modeling and effects of base drag on thick airfoils design
ECN-M--14-023 EN mei 2014; 9 pag.
Brand, A.J.;
Wind farm design and active wake control
ECN-M--14-020 EN april 2014; 7 pag.
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The Latest Results on Experimental Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
ECN-M--14-018 EN maart 2014; 18 pag.
Wagenaar, J.W.;
Turbine performance validation; the application of nacelle LiDAR
ECN-M--14-017 EN maart 2014; 10 pag.
Schepers, J.G.;
Be prepared: The most advanced aerodynamic models for large wind turbines are coming!
ECN-F--14-006 EN maart 2014; 2 pag.
Grasso, F.; Sartori, L.; Bottasso, C.; Croce, A.;
free form aerostructural optimization of rotor blades
ECN-M--14-014 EN maart 2014; 1 pag.
Donnelly, G.T.;
O&M System Solution
ECN-F--14-005 EN maart 2014; 2 pag.
Grasso, F.;
ECN airfoils for large offshore wind turbines: Design and wind tunnel testing
ECN-M--14-003 EN maart 2014; 9 pag.
Pierik, J.T.G.; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Hout, M. van;
North Sea Transnational Grid: A better way to integrate large scale Offshore Wind Power Summary report
ECN-E--14-004 EN februari 2014; 73 pag.
Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Pierik, J.T.G.; Pinto, R.T.;
North Sea Transnational Grid, Dynamic wind farm model for simulating multi-termal HVDC grids
ECN-E--14-006 EN februari 2014; 93 pag.
Pieterman, R.P. van de; Asgarpour, M.; Rademakers, L.W.M.M.; Braam, H.;
A structured approach for data collection and analysis Assess the offshore O&M strategy with OMCE
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Pierik, J.T.G.;
North Sea Transnational Grid: Evaluation of NSTG options
ECN-E--14-003 EN januari 2014; 75 pag.
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Wind farm modeling and control: an inventory
ECN-E--13-058 EN januari 2014; 36 pag.