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Taking the heat off
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Industrial heat pump developments at ECN
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Prepare(d) for Impact: PV Cost Reduction and Beyond
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Maak de weg vrij voor het echte werk - interview Wim Sinke
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Evaluation of the performance and limitations of empirical partition-relations and process based multisurface models to predict trace element solubility in soils
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Het biogeengehalte nader beschouwd
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Interview Bouwkennis: "Maak zonne-energie een geintegreerd onderdeel van het bouwproces"
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The impact of power market structure on CO2 cost pass-through to electricity prices under quantity competition - A theoretical approach
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Wind energy research developments of advanced design tools
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High efficiency N-type Si Metal-Wrap-Through cells from lab to fab
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Wat is er kritisch aan stikstofdepositie?
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Interaction of the EU ETS and national climate policy instruments – Impact on biomass use
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Modelling the partitioning of ammonium nitrate in the convective boundary layer
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De Flexicoat-300: een roll-to-roll PECVD systeem voor fabricage van dunne film silicium zonnecellen op folie
ECN-V--12-007 NL maart 2012; 7 pag.
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Life Cycle Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules: A Multicrystalline Silicon Case Study
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Industrial n-type solar cells: Towards 20% efficiency
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IEA erkent belang zonne-energie
ECN-V--12-012 NL februari 2012; 2 pag.
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