Publications of type Other in 1993.
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2-D numerical analysis of current collection in silicon solar cells
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Aantasting van keramische materialen en coatings in kolenvergassers
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Actinide breeding and burning in metallic and oxide fueled ALMR cores
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Advanced power interface and controller for variable speed wind turbines
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Aerodynamic measurements on a non-rotating Aerpac 25 WPX blade
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Aggregation of Frenkel defects under irradiation: a mesoscopic approach
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Aluminium back-surface field doping profiles with surface recombination velocities below 200 cm/s
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Analysis of loss-of-coolant and loss-of-flow accidents in the first wall cooling system of NET/ITER
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Analysis of three ex-vessel loss-of-coolant accidents in the first wall cooling system of NET/ITER
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Analysis of three loss-of-flow accidents in the first wall cooling system of NET/ITER
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Anthropogenic aerosol and radiation/climate in Europe
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Approach to a biological thermal BNCT facility at the LFR-Petten
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Basissubsidieprogramma 1993 : (exclusief ENGINE)
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Basissubsidieprogramma : jaarverslag 1992
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The behaviour of ceramic breeder materials with respect to tritium release and pellet/pebble mechanical integrity
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Het belang van zonnecellen en biomassa voor een goedkope energievoorziening in ontwikkelingslanden : consequenties voor het Nederlandse ; energiebeleid
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Benchmark calculations on resonance absorption by 238U in a PWR pin-cell geometry
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Calculation of radiation fields inside and outside the NET cryostat/biological shield during operation
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Carbon dioxide: problem matter or inexpensive raw material? : an inventory of technologies for the usage and disposal of CO2
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A case study on an easy definable operating high speed control and safety system (DOCS) : Part I: description DOCS & first results
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Characterization of solid oxide fuel cell electrodes by impedance spectroscopy and I-V characteristics
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Comparison of wind turbine structural design according to Dutch standard and draft IEC TC88 standard
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Computer simulation of radiation damage in NaCl by using a kinetic rate reaction model
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Computer-optimized y-NDA geometries for uranium enrichment verification of gaseous UF6
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Continuous measurements of the Sexbierum experimental wind farm
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Contribution to the modular dynamic model of the European wind-diesel engineering design tools package : modelling and validation
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Contribution to the NEA code and model intercomparison for intermediate energy reactions
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The corrosion mechanism of nickel in molten carbonate
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Creep analyses of a pressurized thick-walled cylinder using continuum damage mechanics
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The crystal structure of SrZrSi2O7
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Demonstratie elektro-auto MTC Surya : meetresultaten
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Design rules for minimization of energy cost of large WECS
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Detailed resonance absorption calculations with the Monte Carlo code MCNP and a collision probability version of the slowing down code ROLAIDS ;
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Determination of 2D equivalent angles of attack for a non-rotating wind turbine rotor blade
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Development of a predictive grinding model for the high-quality machining of engineering ceramics
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The development of the wind energy technology and its applications in the Netherlands : state of the art March 1993
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DYANA: best-first hierarchical diagnosis based on differential equation models
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Dynamic causality in QuBA
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ECN nuclear energy : a bird's eye view
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The effect of moisture on the fatigue performance of glass fibre reinforced polyester in bolted joints
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The effect of neutron irradiation on the trapping of tritium in carbon-based materials
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Effect of TiN and SiC on the mechanical properties of ZTA ceramics
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Electrochemical characterization of porous electrodes and application in SOFC
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Energie uit Nederlandse biomassa
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Enhancement of verification & validation for nuclear power reactor through artificial intelligence
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Evaluation of reprocessing in the IFR with respect to actinide waste and non-proliferation
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EXOTIC-7 : nuclear analysis
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Experience with CommonKADS for reverse knowledge engineering
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Field experience with a grid-connected photovoltaic system based on amorphous silicon
ECN-RX--93-092 EN 1993; 7 pag.
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Flame transformations and burner slagging in a 2.5 MW furnace firing pulverized coal : part 1: flame transformations
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Brink, H.M. ten; Smart, J.P.; Vleeskens, J.M.; Williamson, J.;
Flame transformations and burner slagging in a 2.5 MW furnace firing pulverized coal : part 2: slagging
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Flame transformations of coal-siderite
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Flow visualization with surface-particles
ECN-RX--93-005 EN 1993; 12 pag.
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Fotovoltaische zonne-energie : waar staan we?
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Dassel, G.; Buurveld, H.A.; Minkema, J.;
Gammaspectrometry of R139-66/4
ECN-I--93-012 EN 1993; 239 pag.
Hamburg, F.W.; Snijders, G.;
Hogedruk-spuitgieten van keramiek
ECN-I--93-008 NL 1993; 31 pag.
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Hydrogen and deuterium in multi-crystalline silicon wafers and solar cells
ECN-RX--93-099 EN 1993; 2 pag.
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Hydrogen and deuterium in semi-crystalline silicon wafers and solar cells
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Implementation of a pressure scanner-system for a field rotor-aerodynamics experiment
ECN-R--93-017 EN 1993; 62 pag.
Neut, F. van der;
An implementation of the diagnosis method DYANA, applied to a combined heat-power device
ECN-I--93-038 EN 1993; 84 pag.
Oppe, J.;
Improved calculation of flux shapes with the resonance shielding code NITAWL
ECN-I--93-003 EN 1993; 78 pag.
Versteegh, A.M.; Balthesen, E.; Bakunyaev, A.D.; Gibson, I.H.; Tavoni, R.;
Incentives to strengthen international co-operation in R&D for advanced nuclear power technology
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INFCE review : part A. introduction, fuel cycles and technologies
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Influence of anthropogenic aerosol on solar radiation in Europe
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Inherente veiligheid van kerncentrales: redder in nood of fopspeen : meningen van opinieleiders
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Engelen, T.G. van; Bongers, P.M.M.; Pierik, J.T.G.; Baars, G.E. van;
Integral control for damping of mechanical resonance and protection against grid failures : results in a full load operating condition
ECN-RX--93-027 EN 1993; 8 pag.
Mei Lie, ;
An integrated automated support for KADS formal model development
ECN-R--93-015 EN 1993; 51 pag.
Rademakers, L.W.M.M.; Seebregts, A.J.; Horn, B.A. van den;
Introduction of probabilistic safety assessment in wind turbine engineering
ECN-RX--93-073 EN 1993; 8 pag.
Veltman, A.T.; Haan, S.W.H. de; Wildenbeest, E.J.; Cloin, J.;
Inventarisatie van invertoren voor net-gekoppelde pv-systemen
ECN-RX--93-042 NL 1993; 4 pag.
Snel, H.; Schepers, J.G.;
Investigation and modelling of dynamic inflow effects
ECN-RX--93-029 EN 1993; 8 pag.
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Kinetic model calculations of coloid growth in NaCl
ECN-RX--93-102 EN 1993; 15 pag.
Bulder, B.H.;
LiFeHaT-I : program description and user's manual
ECN-I--93-016 EN 1993; 70 pag.
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Low-NOx hydrogen burner
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Low-temperature structure of UNi2Sn
ECN-RX--93-077 EN 1993; 20 pag.
Sciolla, C.M.;
MANIA (276-3/4/5) : nuclear analysis
ECN-I--93-044 EN 1993; 14 pag.
Rak, Z.S.; Hamburg, F.W.;
Manufacturing of alumina products by low and high pressure injection moulding
ECN-RX--93-001 EN 1993; 17 pag.
Brand, A.J.; Schepers, J.G.; Späth, M.;
The measurement of inflow velocity and angle with a spheric probe
ECN-RX--93-026 EN 1993; 7 pag.
Bach, P.W.;
Mechanische aspecten bij het ontwerpen en construeren met keramiek
ECN-RX--93-008 NL 1993; 18 pag.
Kotomin, E.; Zaiser, M.; Soppe, W.J.;
A mesoscopic approach to radiation-induced defect aggregation in alkali halides stimulated by the elastic interaction of mobile Frenkel defects ;
ECN-RX--93-078 EN 1993; 24 pag.
Vroegindeweij, C.;
Micro-dosimetry model : a preparatory study
ECN-I--93-010 EN 1993; 72 pag.
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Microphysical evolution of clouds at Kleiner Feldberg
ECN-RX--93-076 EN 1993; 32 pag.
Eikelboom, J.A.; Leguijt, C.; Frumau, C.F.A.; Burgers, A.R.; Steeman, R.A.;
Microwave detection of minority carriers in solar cell silicon wafers
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Minerale omzettingen bij verbranding en vergassing van poederkool : een "witte vlekken" studie
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The mobilisation model and parameter sensitivity : for subrosion and diapirism of a salt repository
ECN-I--93-049 EN 1993; 65 pag.
Burgers, A.R.; Ouden, A.C.B. den; Drift, A. van der;
Modellering van keramische branders : verbetering van de stralingsbronterm
ECN-I--93-032 NL 1993; 12 pag.
Linssen, B.;
De mogelijkheden voor de elektrische warmtepomp als CO2-reductietechniek in Nederland
ECN-I--92-004-1 NL 1993; 112 pag.
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Molecular dynamics simulation of binary mixtures of molten alkali carbonates
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Ciftcioglu, O.; Türkcan, E.;
Neural network training by parameter optimization approach
ECN-RX--93-064 EN 1993; 4 pag.
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Neutron diffraction study of the carrier-concentration-induced ferromagnet to spin glass transition in the diluted magnetic semiconductor Sn1-; xMnxTe
ECN-RX--93-014 EN 1993; 40 pag.
Voorbraak, W.P.; Paardekooper, A.; Polle, A.N.; Freudenreich, W.E.;
Neutron metrology in the fuel assemblies of a material test reactor
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Neutron metrology in the HFR : experiment R212-21/22/23/24 (EXOTIC 6)
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Kraakman, R.; Voorbraak, W.P.;
Neutron metrology in the HFR : experiments R212 001/006 (EXOTIC HFPIF)
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Polle, A.N.; Voorbraak, W.P.;
Neutron metrology in the HFR : steel irradiation experiment R139-662
ECN-I--93-026 EN 1993; 44 pag.
Polle, A.N.; Voorbraak, W.P.;
Neutron metrology in the HFR : steel irradiation experiment R139-663
ECN-I--93-027 EN 1993; 46 pag.
Polle, A.N.; Voorbraak, W.P.;
Neutron metrology in the HFR : steel irradiation R139-661
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Polle, A.N.; Voorbraak, W.P.;
Neutron metrology in the HFR : steel irradiation R139-694
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Neutron metrology in the HFR : steel irradiation: experiment R139-664
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Neutron metrology in the HFR : steel irradiations: R139-652 and 653
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Kloosterman, J.L.;
New working libraries for transmutation studies
ECN-RX--93-074 EN 1993; 8 pag.
Steeman, R.A.; Eikelboom, J.A.; Sinke, W.C.;
Een nieuwe faciliteit voor het karakteriseren van zonnecellen
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Nolthenius, H.J.;
Niobium cross-sections and their uncertainties
ECN-I--93-039 EN 1993; 28 pag.
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Nuclear data evaluation for accelerator-based transmutation of radioactive waste
ECN-RX--93-069 EN 1993; 8 pag.
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On the definition of the fuel temperature coefficient of reactivity for pin-cell calculations on an infinite lattice
ECN-RX--93-012 EN 1993; 10 pag.
Brand, A.J.;
On the measurement of inflow velocity and inflow angles with a spheric probe
ECN-R--93-005 EN 1993; 58 pag.
Zsolnay, E.M.; Nolthenius, H.J.;
On the quality of the uncertainty information in the International Reactor Dosimetry File IRDF-90 : (version June 1992)
ECN-I--93-019 EN 1993; 112 pag.
Türkcan, E.; Ciftcioglu, O.;
On-line operator support system integrated with monitoring and diagnosis system
ECN-RX--93-065 EN 1993; 10 pag.
Türkcan, E.; Ciftcioglu, O.;
On-line surveillance system for Borssele nuclear power plant monitoring and diagnostics
ECN-RX--93-090 EN 1993; 13 pag.
Türkcan, E.; Kozma, R.; Nabeshima, K.; Verhoef, J.P.;
On-line system for monitoring of boiling in nuclear reactor fuel assemblies
ECN-RX--93-007 EN 1993; 12 pag.
Hoek, E.E. van der;
Ontwikkeling van methoden voor selectieve extractie van ijzeroxiden en daaraan gebonden As en Se uit vliegas
ECN-R--93-021 NL 1993; 34 pag.
Maatman, D.;
Optische technieken ten behoeve van het kolenvergassingsproces
ECN-I--93-005 NL 1993; 34 pag.
Komen, E.M.J.; Koning, H.;
Overpower transient in the first wall cooling system of net/iter
ECN-R--93-003 EN 1993; 62 pag.
Jehee, J.N.T.; Stoop, P.M.;
Het perspectief voor kernenergie in Nederland
ECN-RX--93-084 NL 1993; 7 pag.
Lindenburg, C.; Snel, H.;
PHATAS-II : program for horizontal axis wind turbine analysis and simulation version II
ECN-RX--93-087 EN 1993; 6 pag.
Lindenburg, C.; Bulder, B.H.;
PHATAS-II input format
ECN-I--93-045 EN 1993; 30 pag.
Laan, J.G. van der; Schnedecker, G.; Osch, E.V. van; Duwe, R.; Linke, J.;
Plasma sprayed boron carbide coatings for first wall protection
ECN-RX--93-120 EN 1993; 18 pag.
Baltus, C.W.A.; Borg, N.J.C.M. van der; Sinke, W.C.; Vink, P.W.;
Praktijkervaring met een 1 kWp amorf silicium zonnecentrale
ECN-RX--93-038 NL 1993; 7 pag.
Comans, R.N.J.; Hilton, J.; Cremers, A.; Bonouvrie, P.A.; Smith, J.T.;
Predicting radiocaesium ion-exchange behaviour in freshwater sediments
ECN-RX--93-108 EN 1993; 3 pag.
Grol, H.J. van; Bulder, B.H.;
Procedures to determine the fatigue life for large size wind turbines
ECN-RX--93-030 EN 1993; 12 pag.
Hockley, D.E.; Sloot, H.A. van der; Wijkstra, J.;
Processes affecting contaminant release from waste-soil interfaces
ECN-RX--93-022 EN 1993; 7 pag.
Schepers, J.G.; Tindal, A.T.;
Production of guidelines to determine the increase of loads of wind turbines operating in a wind farm
ECN-RX--93-072 EN 1993; 12 pag.
Brand, A.J.;
Profielberekeningen met XFOIL
ECN-R--93-006 NL 1993; 35 pag.
Putra, M.A.;
Program for accident and incident management support, AIMS : thermohydraulic models and visual interface
ECN-I--93-052 EN 1993; 79 pag.
Haan, S. de; Cloin, J.; Veltman, A.; Wildenbeest, E.J.;
PV-array-simulator voor het testen van inverters
ECN-RX--93-037 NL 1993; 6 pag.
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Radiation damage in a rock salt nuclear waste repository
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Nabeshima, K.; Türkcan, E.; Ciftcioglu, O.;
Real-time nuclear power plant monitoring with adaptively trained neural network
ECN-RX--93-066 EN 1993; 4 pag.
Ciftcioglu, O.; Türkcan, E.;
Real-time power plant monitoring and verification and validation issues
ECN-RX--93-013 EN 1993; 10 pag.
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Recycling long-lived waste components in high-flux thermal systems
ECN-RX--93-035 EN 1993; 5 pag.
Bultman, J.H.;
Reduction of nuclear waste by introducing advanced liquid metal reactors
ECN-RX--93-061 EN 1993; 8 pag.
Bultman, J.H.;
Reduction of nuclear waste with ALMRS
ECN-RX--93-104 EN 1993; 5 pag.
Brink, H.M. ten;
Reduction of solar radiation by manmade aerosol
ECN-RX--93-107 EN 1993; 12 pag.
Duijves, K.A.; Haan, K.W. de;
Refabrication of irradiated LWR fuel rods
ECN-RX--93-075 EN 1993; 22 pag.
Horn, B.A. van den; Rademakers, L.W.M.M.;
Reliability analysis for the load-carrying parts of horizontal axis wind turbines
ECN-RX--93-086 EN 1993; 5 pag.
Rademakers, L.W.M.M.; Seebregts, A.J.; Horn, B.A. van den;
Reliability analysis in wind engineering
ECN-RX--93-032 EN 1993; 9 pag.
Seebregts, A.J.; Rademakers, L.W.M.M.; Horn, B.A. van den;
Reliability analysis in wind turbine engineering
ECN-RX--93-103 EN 1993; 9 pag.
Wijk, J.J. van;
Rendering surface-particles
ECN-RX--92-042 EN 1993; 11 pag.
Rak, Z.S.; Veen, H.M. van;
Review of ceramic membrane reactors for the water-gas shift reaction in coal gasification combined cycle concepts
ECN-I--93-017 EN 1993; 53 pag.
Beurskens, H.J.M.; Lalas, D.;
Review of European wind energy programmes
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