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Nitrogen oxides and ozone exchange above a coniferous forest in the Netherlands
Frumau, K.F.A.; Hensen, A.; Bleeker, A.; Tol, C.; Duyzer, J.H.; Weststrate, H.
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ECN Biomass, Coal and Environmental Research 19-4-2011
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ECN-M--11-052 Conference Paper
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The fluxes of nitrogen oxides and ozone still remain unclear above forests, due to a lack of good quality flux measurements and the unclear influence of chemical reactions between some compounds on fluxes and gradient. The atmosphere-biosphere exchanges of nitrogen oxides and ozone have been studied by taking concentration measurements of these constituents along a vertical profile at a Douglas fir site (Speuld) in the Netherlands within the framework of the NitroEurope Integrated Project (EC FP6, 2006-2011). To avoid bias in the surface fluxes derived from measurements of fluxes and gradients above the canopy, chemical reactions should be taken into account during interpretation of these measurements. A better understanding of these interactions is needed to understand the nitrogen cycle in forests. Therefore it is crucial to derive accurate surface fluxes.

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