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Publications from author Kloosterman, J.L. 
Gruppelaar, H.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Pijlgroms, B.J.; ... [et al.], ;
Status of pseudo fission product cross sections for fast reactors: results of the SWG17, International Working Party on Evaluation Coordination of the Nuclear Science Committee, NEA-OECD
ECN-R--98-014 EN augustus 1998; 95 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Bakker, K.; Boerrigter, H.; Damen, P.G.M.; Gruppelaar, H.; Huntelaar, M.E.; Kloosterman, J.L.;
Recycling van actiniden en splijtingsproducten: jaarverslag onderzoeksprogramma 1997
ECN-C--98-057 NL juli 1998; 41 pag.
Damen, P.G.M.; Kloosterman, J.L.;
Recycling of plutonium: a study on the recycling of plutonium produced in the nuclear power plants of the Netherlands
ECN-R--98-009 EN juni 1998; 64 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.; Khorochev, M.;
Multirecycling of actinides in thorium based fuels
ECN-R--98-010 EN 1998; 28 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.;
Multirecycling of plutonium in advanced PWRs
ECN-R--98-007 EN 1998; 85 pag.
Gruppelaar, H.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Konings, R.J.M.;
Advanced technologies for the reduction of nuclear waste
ECN-R--98-008 EN 1998; 103 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.;
Multiple recycling of plutonium in advanced PWRs
ECN-RX--98-011 EN 1998; 10 pag.
Published in: Contribution to the 5th International conference on recycling, conditioning and disposal (RECOD 1998), 25-28 Oct. 1998, Nice, Fr (), , Ed., p.-.
Dodd, D.H.; Harry, R.J.S.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Konings, R.J.M.; Versteegh, A.M.;
Opwerking van Nederlandse splijtstof: een analyse
ECN-C--97-031 NL 1997; 49 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Bakker, K.; Dodd, D.H.; Gruppelaar, H.; Haas, J.B.M. de; Kloosterman, J.L.;
Recycling van actiniden en splijtingsprodukten: jaarverslag onderzoeksprogramma 1996
ECN-C--97-049 NL 1997; 43 pag.
Gruppelaar, H.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Pijlgroms, B.J.; Rimpault, G.; Smith, P.; Ignatyuk, A.V.; Koshcheev, V.; Nikolaev, M.; Kawai, M.; Nakagawa, T.; Watanabe, T.; Zukeran, A.;
Status of pseudo fission-product cross sections for fast reactors: results of the SWG17
ECN-R--97-011 EN 1997; 56 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.; Khorochev, M.; Stad, R.C.L. van der;
Analysis of a thorium fuelled PWR
ECN-R--97-013 EN 1997; 55 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.;
ECN results of the PSI benchmarks on non-fertile fuels
ECN-R--97-014 EN 1997; 57 pag.
Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Konings, R.J.M.;
Onderzoek transmutatie van actiniden in inerte matrices: verslag 1995
ECN-C--96-016 NL 1996; 39 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.;
On the choice of the matrix for heterogeneous transmutation of americium
ECN-I--95-050 EN 1996; 40 pag.
Freudenreich, W.E.; Bakker, K.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Konings, R.J.M.;
Physical and chemical properties of some inert matrices for PuO2 fuel [ECN-R--95-030]
ECN-R--95-030 EN 1996; 41 pag.
Gruppelaar, H.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Konings, R.J.M.; Bultman, J.H.; Dodd, D.H.; Franken, W.M.P.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Koning, A.J.; Wichers, V.A.;
Transmutations of nuclear waste: progress report RAS programme 1995:recycling and transmutation of actinides and fission products
ECN-R--96-002 EN 1996; 42 pag.
Abrahams, K.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Pilate, S.; Wehmann, U.K.; Hugon, M.;
Transmutation of nuclear waste in nuclear reactors
ECN-RX--96-009 EN 1996; 17 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.; Kuijper, J.C.; Leege, P.F.A. de;
The OCTOPUS burnup and criticality code system
ECN-RX--96-032 EN 1996; 12 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.; Hendriks, J.A.; Konings, R.J.M.;
Transmutation of technetium in the Petten HFR: a comparison ofmeasurements and calculations
ECN-RX--96-060 EN 1996; 12 pag.
Oppe, J.; Kloosterman, J.L.;
PC code STAR: Show Transmutation of Actinides in Reactors [ECN-C--94-093]
ECN-C--94-093 EN 1995; 41 pag.
Li, J.M.; Kloosterman, J.L.;
Transmutation of actinides in four reactor types
ECN-C--95-055 EN 1995; 36 pag.
Franken, W.M.P.; Konings, R.J.M.; Kloosterman, J.L.;
Technologisch onderzoek RAS: bestralingen in de HFR [ECN-C--95-077]
ECN-C--95-077 NL 1995; 34 pag.
Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Dodd, D.H.; Gruppelaar, H.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Konings, R.J.M.;
Onderzoek transmutatie van actiniden in inerte matrices: verslag1994/1995
ECN-C--95-095 NL 1995; 30 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.;
Actinide data for transmutation studies
ECN-I--94-056 EN 1995; 145 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.;
Program VAREX: a tool for variational analysis of reactivityeffects with XSDRNPM
ECN-I--95-037 EN 1995; 22 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.; Li, J.M.;
Transmutation of Tc-99 and I-129 in fission reactors: a calculational study
ECN-R--95-002 EN 1995; 53 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.;
New European cross-section data libraries for ORIGEN-S based onJEF2.2 and EAF3
ECN-R--95-008 EN 1995; 67 pag.
Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Gruppelaar, H.; Franken, W.M.P.; Abrahams, K.; Blankenvoorde, P.J.A.M.; Bultman, J.H.; Dodd, D.H.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Koning, A.J.; Konings, R.J.M.; Wichers, V.A.;
Transmutation of nuclear waste: status report RAS programme 1994:recycling and transmutation of actinides and fission products
ECN-R--95-025 EN 1995; 107 pag.
Abrahams, K.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Gruppelaar, H.; Brusselaers, P.; Evrard, G.; La Fuente, A.; Maldague, T.; Pilate, S.; Renard, A.;
Recycling and transmutation of nuclear waste : ECN-Petten and Belgonucleaire contributions to the
ECN-RX--95-067 EN 1995; 145 pag.
Published in: PDF document only in scanned format available (increased size) (), , Ed., p.-.
Gruppelaar, H.; Klippel, H.T.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Hoogenboom, J.E.; Leege, P.F.A. de; Verhagen, F.C.M.; Bruggink, J.J.C.;
Evaluation of PWR and BWR assembly benchmark calculations : status report of EPRI computational benchmark results, performed in the framework of ; the Netherlands' PINK programme (joint project of ECN, IRI, KEMA and GKN)
ECN-C--93-088 EN 1993; 78 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.;
New working libraries for transmutation studies
ECN-RX--93-074 EN 1993; 8 pag.
Kloosterman, J.L.; Koning, A.J.; Abrahams, K.; Gruppelaar, H.;
Onderzoek nucleaire gegevens voor transmutatie
ECN-C--93-067 NL 1993; 34 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Abrahams, K.; Franken, W.M.P.; Gruppelaar, H.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Thijssen, P.J.M.; Conrad, R.;
Technological aspects of transmutation of technetium and iodine
ECN-RX--93-058 EN 1993; 6 pag.