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Recycling of plutonium: a study on the recycling of plutonium produced in the nuclear power plants of the Netherlands
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ECN-R--98-009 Other
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As part of the RAS-project (Dutch abbreviation for a programme on therecycling and transmutation of long-lived nuclides, in particular actinides and fission products) a study has been performed on the multiple recycling of 3300 kg plutonium, recovered from the irradiated fuel of the nuclear power plants of the Netherlands (Borssele and Dodewaard) and accumulated in the year 2009, in four different reactor types: CANDU reactor, a Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR), a High Temperature Reactor (HTR), and CAPRA (fast reactor, French abbreviation for 'Consummation Accrue de Plutonium dans les Reacteurs rApides' or 'Increased Consumption of Plutonium in Fast Reactors'). 7 refs.

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