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Technologisch onderzoek RAS: bestralingen in de HFR [ECN-C--95-077]
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ECN-C--95-077 ECN publication
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The purpose of the title irradiations is to study the efficiency andtechnical feasibility of possible transmutation processes for those long-lived actinides and fission products, that contribute to long-term radiotoxicity and leaking risks of geological storage. A cooperative research program (EFFTRA or Experimental Feasibility of Targets for TRAnsmutation) has been set up for irradiations of technetium, iodine and americium in the thermal reactor HFR and the fast reactor Phenix. A radiation program for fission products is in progress in the HFR. An inert matrix concept is developed, in which the actinide is mixed with a ceramic material, which hardly reacts with neutrons and actinides and containment materials. Irradiation experiments with candidate inert matrices will be carried out in the HFR. Also, the feasibility of transmutation of americium in a thermal spectrum will be demonstrated by means of a long-range experiment in the HFR. Plans are elaborated for the irradiation of plutonium in inert matrices in the HFR to realize an efficient transmutation of existing supplies, both military and civil, of plutonium. 8 figs., 4 tabs., 18 refs.

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